And We'll Always Be Making It Right...

I have a slight obsession with Bonnie Tyler's epic love song Total Eclipse Of The Heart. While idly browsing Youtube, this post sort of just... happened. So buckle your seatbelts as I take you throught good, the bad, and the awesome of Total Eclipse.

The Good

Bonnie Tyler

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Just press play, and enjoy.

If you need an insider's perspective, here's an interview with Bonnie and Jim Steinman, the genius who wrote this song.

Part 2 & Part 3

The Dan Band

Fresh from the blockbuster Old School, the Dan Band kicks it up a notch, both in vulgarity and rockicity.

Hurra Torpedo

If you want notches kicked up, Hurra Torpedo are your band. This Norwegian group do the best kitchen-appliance-cover of Total that I have ever heard. Enjoy.

The Bad

Westlife :(

Irish boyband Westlife try to carry this weight, but only stumble.

Xena (well, Lucy Lawless, but still...

"Turn around Bright Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!"



Bad Fan Edits

There are thousands of these. TV Show Fanatics think that the raw passion in Eclipse will lend some real emotion in their attempt to further explore the relationship between Tony and Angela. They're always wrong. Here's one for Queer as Folk.

Nikki French

*HACK!* Sorry, I have a bit of a cough. *FUCKING HACK!* I couldn't bring myself to post the original video of this oontz oontz oontz version. This home-made one is at least watchable.

The Awesome!!!

Chompy The Gator

Chompy The Gator loves hamburgers. Hamburgers love Chompy The Gator.

Puppets? Puppets!

Puppets love each other.

The Amazing Dancing Choir of Mundelein High School

If more school choirs were like this, maybe more choir dorks would get laid.

Kiki and Herb !!!

Everyone's favourite drag queen lounge duet bring a personal touch to Heart. I think we can all relate.

Tanz der Vampire

I'll let Wikipedia handle this one.

"Steinman's big musical success, though, was "Tanz der Vampire" (in English: Dance of the Vampires), which opened in Vienna, Austria on October 4, 1997... However, about 70% of the musical score written by Steinman was recycled from his earlier projects, mainly from his less-known shows like The Dream Engine and The Confidence Man (co written with Ray Errol Fox), although it also features music from his widely known records like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (remade as "Totale Finsternis")"

So, to sum up: Vampires. Singing Total Eclipse. This isn't called "Awesome" for nothing, kids.


Turn up the volume, close the door. Now, take a deep breath, and sing.

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