All I wanted was a nice bottle of Ora Potency Fruit Punch, and what do I get?3 inches of penis in the bottle. Well doesn't that just ruin your day.


You don't know how long I've been waiting for this. The Onion.com's take on the WTC/Pentagon situation... I'm glad they didn't hold back on the sarcasm.


Mmmmmm.... Web Art



Sex isn't the number one search term on the internet anymore. It's not even on the top ten. I guess the world has changed...


I'm trying to find any reason to believe that THIS is a hoax, or a joke, or something, but for the life of me I can't.


What do you think?


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Kevin Smith and His Magic Feather is possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen, ever. Possibly.


Here's a list of accidents that occured on and around Theme Park rides.


If you ever, EVER, need to know anything about The Simpsons, and I mean anything, even something as menial as Groundkeeper Willie's Hometown (North Kiltown, if you have to know), then head straight to The Simpsons Archive. It's amazing the stuff that's in here.
www.bsb.com... why regester a domain name if your web-page is 100 times worse than the worst of the worst on Geocities?
Ever wanted to know which bathrooms are being used in a random hallway at MIT? Well, you no longer have to make the long trip to find out. Some helpful nerds set up the Random Hall Bathroom Server. Will technilogical marvels never cease?
"Alter our DNA or robots will take over"... or so says Stephen Hawking.


Unless you have at least an hour to kill, DO NOT click on this link.
www.Cutoffmyfeet.com... you know, I don't even have to write descriptions for most web pages. Like this one.
Jesus killed in accident - Pennsylvania highway closed ... sure it sounds like a headline from

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