Child Pimp and Ho Costumes, for your neighbourhood daycare/bordello.


Spymate is my personal nomination for next year's Best Picture. Why hasn't anyone used a monkey in an action movie before?


Now, I've heard Nintendo Cover Bands before, but there's something about the NESkimos that sets them apart from the rest. Maybe it's their HEAVY METAL style


Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Bananaphone


For a limited-time-only, I give you all a gift: William Shatner and Joe Jackson's cover of the Pulp classic, Common People


Some people make cars out of lego. Some people make houses. Some people (this guy in particular) make fully functional Rubiks Cubes.


Now, I knokw a thing or two about ninjas vs. penguins... but this Web Game shows such a realistic portrayal of penguin-ninja interface, I just can't compete.


Feeling kinky and thrifty? Well feel free to knit your own edible underwear!


My favorite holiday of the year is coming up, tommorow. Everyone please join me in celebrating Free Comic Book Day, July 3rd.


You know, I wouldn't be surprised if This mario-minded freak and This mario-minded freak turn out to be the same mario-minded freak.


Want to hear the latest techno-remixes of Star Trek samples? Well look no further: DarkMateria has you covered.


Spiderman - in the hiz-ouse (keep hitting reload, my nizza)


PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE: Learn to make Prison Booze now.


When a great man passes on, a fitting tribute must be offered. With tears in my eyes, and sadness in my heart, I must show you this Tribute to Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)
You want to watch the last hour of Friends, yes? But it's only an hour long, and you have three hours to kill! What are you going to do?? Kenny G (no, not that Kenny G) has just the solution to all your problems.
Remxing, the old fashioned way: With windows Sound Recorder, circa windows 95
In a surprise move, the Sealy Mattress Company has broken into the wild world of Gothcore Electronica. Be sure to stay tuned for the "remix version".


German Dental Sounds: The Greatest Hits!


My Little Justice League Ponies!

What a glorious way to get back to Blogging.


If you're anything like me, whole parties have been ruined because the real Guns and Roses are too big to go in the McDonalds playground. Well, my friends, it is a problemNo Longer.


The Complete Super Mario Brothers Tabulature. No, not for playing the music... for playing the game!


While sitting at your table, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot is now circling counter-clockwise.
Bird's gotta fly. Fish gotta swim. Whales gotta explode. and explode
You're out of canned tuna, canned herring, canned turkey, and canned snails? You can always used a slightly less common canned product...


Hey Ya, Charlie Brown: Music Video Of The Year!


Like Dolphins? Want to have a seisure? Have I found the game for you!


A fitting tribute to Snoop Dogg's masterpiece


Beatboxing + Harmonica Playing = Amazing!


vynsane.com - REAL ULTIMATE POWER!!! SLOTHS!!! the official SLOTH webpage!!!
Paul Balyoz has a pretty basic web page. Hey Paulo, how're you doing? Make sure you check out his renditions of Smashmouth's Satellite, and - my favorite - Going The Distance by cake.
Enter the exciting world of Barbed Wire Collecting...IF YOU DARE!


Have any brain-eating aliens to battle? Or maybe a giant monster is attacking your city? Well the T-52 is just the tool for you.


Creative Use Of Tinfoil #142: use it for everything.


A really great, up to date report by the CBC on "a network called 'Internet".


So, just how big is the World's Largest Buffalo?