Don't know how to play chess? Don't worry.Screech Can Teach You!
Innocent Inanimate Objects getting shot by many different kinds of guns.
Fun for the whole family.


Art by Psychotics has some pretty good stuff, if you ask me...


Early Electronic Music; Some cro-magnon computer geeks figured out what tones their printer made as it printed, and the recorded music with it. Whoo-hoo.


What could possibly be better than a Bon Jovi Tribute Band? A GERMAN Bon Jovi Tribute Band. I give you;Kon Chauvi!
Now, it's time to take ironing...TO THE EXTREME!!!! *ahem*... yes... I'll be fine...


Final Meal Requests of everyone who texas has killed in the last...20 years...


Guelph By Night... Oooohhh... spoooky...
Here's a guide to being a Vampire... In Guelph
My Acid Trip with Groucho is a great read. Start with the Groucho bits, then read the whole thing. Do it.
Henry's Diary is honestly one of my favorite web sites. Checkitout.


WWJD? He'd probably Kick Your Ass!
Finally, another competion that uses processed cheese slices. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Cheese Racing!
THIS is what happens when the Grim Reaper decides to settle down and have a family... or something... I'm too tired to make a funny coment. Enjoy