The Incompleat Accordionist is absolutely fabulous. A 63 year old man has decided to teach himself to play the Accordion. And, thanks to the glory of the internet, we get to listen along as he progresses.


Male Mannequins... With Attitude.


'Member Scorched Earth? Play it with your buddies online... or don't. See if I care.


Okay... go to This Page, and search the page for "pat boone" (it's near the bottom)...
Gawdammit, that's some awful music. My favorite is his version of Enter Sandman... It's funnier than Richard Cheese, because this guy was serious...


Sharpeworld.com, one of my favorite blogs, has a really rockin' audio stream playing for the next few weeks. Tune In for excitement, and entertainment... Also, if you happen to be in New York City, tune your radio to 99.9 to hear the exact same thing... but more illegaly...
Raised by Chimps! RAISED BY CHIMPS!!!!!!!


And, now for a new feature on this blog'o'mine... Entitled Proof The World Is Coming To An End...


The Toque is sorta like The Onion, but Canadian... and less funny.



It's About Freakin' Time. Finally, it's starting to feel like the year 2002.