Jesus H. Christ!
Check out the videos on This Page...
Bungee Jumping?
Sky Surfing?

None of those even come close to this extreme sport.


Remember Resistance? The greatest rock and roll band ever? Well, they changed their name to No Such Luck., and got posted on MP3.Com.



I'll take orginizations that probably don't need to exist for $500, Alex
Hey look, that icon just below the archives link - it's a tracker. Finally I'll know how many of you there really are.


"What about barcodes and 666: The Mark of the Beast?": Read it, and have your eyes opened to the evil that surrounds us.


Madeagoner.com, making a mockery of weddings, since 2002.
Sick, scary, frightening, hypnotising, flash flash Flash FLASH
HRGiger is an artist. Some of his art is famous, and all of his art is instantly recogniseable. Checkitout.
Wanna know how big of a geek I really am? I have a favorite form of carbon. No, not graphite. No, not even diamonds. My baby is "C-60", also known as Buckminsterfullerene
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again; The Future Is Now


This is not a post


These Star Wars Fans built a life sized Millenium Falcon in their back yard. For a portrait of the kind of people that would do this sort of thing, don't miss Documentary


Sane CHUK is a christian beatboxer, who parodys current rap hits in Christs Name (forever and ever, Amen). Don't miss his page on MP3.COM.
Now, I'm never one to approve of war research... But if it has to happen, This is the way it should be done.


Wow, the internet has a bunch of crazies on it... like The Hall Of Statues, which lists cartoons that have women that either turn into statues, get encased in ice, or get imobilized in some other manner. Why? Who knows...