General Theory Of Relativity getting you down? Well, why not read about it when it's written in words of four letters or less?


Woah... Snoopy + Mysticism = The Peanuts Arcana Tarot Deck


Rest In Peace, Boom Selection... can we have a moment of silence?



We're gonna miss you, buddy.
Star Wars Origami!!!!!!!!!
How do you fight invasion of privacy? Simple. Invade The Privacy of the invaders.


Fo' Shizzle my nizzle. This Ice Crizzle will satisfizzle yo' hunger...um... izzle...

(and they even have Ice-T as a spokesperson!)
I never imagined that this could exist: Web Art that I actually concider art.


I wish I had dreams like this


Dear geeks, not many people know this, but The Wizards Of The Coast made a set of comedy magic cards, known as Magic: Unglued. I want all of them.


Click on the numbers... love the numbers.
Sure, the Segway is cool, and all... but can they do it with Lego?


Curses... And here I am, without a life threatening disease.


Toughest. Movie. Quiz. Ever! Try and guess the movies, based on stills taken from them. Oh yeah, and the actors have been edited out with photoshop. Good luck.


Alright... I've waited long enough. Am IHOT or NOT?


If you happen to be a fellow Filepiler, then you'll find this to be quite funny.


Youaremyfriend.com is a strange site indeed. Just pick a name, and type it in as the subdomain when you go there (ie. www.hitler.youaremyfriend.com, www.satan.youaremyfriend.com, or www.Cute.Kittens.youaremyfriend.com ), and wow: instant satisfaction.


Google's Catalog Search is absolutely amazing. It lets you search image scans of actual print catalogs. I have no clue how it works.
Oh, Dispair! I'm not afraid to admit it: I cried when I watched this.



Every time I hear Uno Mas by Daniel O'Donnell, I always get the incredible urge to DANCE!


"A couple of web sites have linked to this page because they think it is uproariously funny that there could be such a thing as an emergency baptism."


The problem with snacks these days, is that they don't have enough street cred. Well, now, there's chips that truely fit into a hip-hop lifestyle. I bring you: Rap Snacks!
on another planet
Michael Jackson, Baby Dropper:The Game!


Check it out

I've been playing this game for a while... it's an online rockstar simulator. You use points to write songs, and go on tour, and release albums and overdose on cocaine, and end up doing commercials for sprint canada...

Well... almost.


Mein Gott!!! I know no one is a big fan of Real Player... but look at this! On one webpage, there's Reefer Madness, The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, and Nosferatu! (Plus some others, that I've never heard of). Wowness. Pure wowness.
Prangstgrup is... wow.
Wow is all I can say. Watch THIS movie, and you'll get a hint as to what follows.


Hu's on First
By James Sherman
(We take you now to the Oval Office.)
George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening?

Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China.

George: Great. Lay it on me.

Condi: Hu is the new leader of China.

George: That's what I want to know.

Condi: That's what I'm telling you.

George: That's what I'm asking you. Who is the new leader of China?

Condi: Yes.

George: I mean the fellow's name.

Condi: Hu.

George: The guy in China.

Condi: Hu.

George: The new leader of China.

Condi: Hu.

George: The Chinaman!

Condi: Hu is leading China.

George: Now whaddya' asking me for?

Condi: I'm telling you Hu is leading China.

George: Well, I'm asking you. Who is leading China?

Condi: That's the man's name.

George: That's who's name?

Condi: Yes.

George: Will you or will you not tell me the name of the new leader of China?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir? Yassir Arafat is in China? I thought he was in the Middle East.

Condi: That's correct.

George: Then who is in China?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir is in China?

Condi: No, sir.

George: Then who is?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir?

Condi: No, sir.

George: Look, Condi. I need to know the name of the new leader of China. Get me the Secretary General of the U.N. on the phone.

Condi: Kofi?

George: No, thanks.

Condi: You want Kofi?

George: No.

Condi: You don't want Kofi.

George: No. But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk. And then get me the U.N.

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Not Yassir! The guy at the U.N.

Condi: Kofi?

George: Milk! Will you please make the call?

Condi: And call who?

George: Who is the guy at the U.N?

Condi: Hu is the guy in China.

George: Will you stay out of China?!

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: And stay out of the Middle East! Just get me the guy at the U.N.

Condi: Kofi.

George: All right! With cream and two sugars. Now get on the phone.

(Condi picks up the phone.)

Condi: Rice, here.

George: Rice? Good idea. And a couple of egg rolls, too. Maybe we should send some to the guy in China. And the Middle East. Can you get Chinese food in the Middle East?


Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da...BATMAN!
So, you don't like my blog, eh? Well, why don't you Do Something About it, then?
Finally! I was wondering when someone would get off their lazy ass, and make a powerpuff girls themed Magic deck.


A Hilarious Gallery of pictures of Ron Jeremy, hanging out with celebrities.
Lethal Llama(that should be Llethal) and Litterbox... two gems e-mailed to me by someone named, mysteriously, Fleming. Thanks fleming, wherever you are.


"It was 1916, and things were changing fast. World War I raged in Europe. Dadaism, ripe with comic derision and irrationality, took hold in artistic circles. Freeform jazz took hold of the American music scene. Margaret Sanger opened the first birth-control clinic. It was a good year for scapegoats. It was a good year to hang an elephant.
What would the world be like without the internet? A question I often ask myself after seeing something like this or this
And the moral of the story is, drinking and artwork don't mix. Or maybe they do.
Wow, not only is Strongbad a really funny guy, he's also Web Savvy.

Also: Savvy is a really weird looking word.


A list of real porn movies based on non-porn titles. My favorites: The Three Musket Queers, Mortal Kumbutt
Willie's Wonka's in my Chocolate Factory,
and, of course, There's Something About Mary's Vagina
I used to think almost everything that Disney has ever made was a rip-off of something else.I guess I'll have to change that to Absolutely Everything

My God... so that's what crazy people do with their time...


Sure, The Onion is cutting edge satire... but you have to go to The Classics to find the really good stuff.


The future is here:Micro-Tetris.
The Russians would be proud.


I Love Ebay
I used to think that there have been no quality new superheroes created in the past 20 years. But then, I saw this animation from Japan, and my hope was restored.


My name is "qmpo". and I am a lego stereo.


She's been doing this for 7 years, and this is the first story about her that I've heard... what a shame. The world needs more crazy superheroes.
Remember all those great college a capella bands?
Yeah, well this is the year 2002, and they're a thing of the past.
The future is totally Emocapella
The Doors Like you've never heard them before...
It's here, it's here, it's finally here. A new Newbornstranger bootleg: I'm Mega... Scott, as I said, this one's for you.


Just a heads up: My next bootleg is solely going to be dedicated to Scott Gilmore.


Fun With P2P! All you gotta do is search in any peer-to-peer program for "Mic In Track". You'll probably find a few files named "Mic In Track", followed by number. Download as many as these as possible, because they are files recorded on their home computer by people using Music Match. Who knows what you can find?

Check out The Evolution Control Comittee and Stark Effect for some examples of whats out there, and of what can be done with them.


For Boys Only: 10 Toilet Training Tips including the ever popular "Let fathers and sons have a peeing party".



lish: I know I said I'd post the link to the Halloween pictures on here. But here's the thing... Ofoto.com doesn't let just anyone see the pictures... you have to register.
I kinda forgot about that.

So, if you still want to see 'em, go here and they'll walk you all the way to my pictures.

I think...
A quick little flash video, about Michael Jackson, and a famous painting.scream


Happy Halloween!!!
From Slash, and the rest of Guns And Roses


Holy Case Mods Batman!!!My 1.2 GHZ PIII Commodore SX-64
Graaaagh! Zombie... must... eat... BRAINS!
The Anguish Languish is easy enough to learn, if you just sound it out.


The History Of An American Icon is about the bestest icon of them all: The Pimp.
Soda, or Pop? Pee-can, or peh-cahn? Crawfish, Crayfish, or Craw-dad? Find out what America thinks at the Harvord Dialect Survey
Just in case you were wondering, with the help of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, we have found our word.
From now on, someone who is dating your mother, but isn't your step-father is your Demi-Dad.
The wonders of modern technology.



Even though The Parking Lot Is Full is dead, they've just added some vintage stuff from 1993 to their Archives.
Yo yo yo, Nerdcore Hiphop represent'in. Check out these fly tracks from the world's 579th greatest rapper, MC Frontalot.


There's NOTHING better than a Rodeo...


Except for a MONKEY RODEO!!!!
I'm looking for a word.
The word has to mean "Someone who lives with your mother, but isn't married to her"
So, and almost-stepdad.

If anyone has any ideas, just post 'em in my message board - please.


Scanners are wonderful devices. They can bring old school pictures to the modern digital world. And now, they do the same for candy.
Powedered Urine, for all your instant-pee needs.
I made another bootleg... albeit, a kinda obscure one.Whenever, Mr. Bullit is made out of that Shakira song, as well as the theme song, and some clips from the 1968 police movie Bullit, which I highly recommend.


The ElectriClerk takes case modding to bold new levels.


Want a fun way to deal with telemarketers? Well, you could try to fight them with their own techniques, with the anti-telemarketing EGBG counterscript... or you can just use them to play the Telemarketer Game... or This (slightly more complex) Telemarketer Game
The Macarena is back! And this time it's about...Ketchup?
God, I wish that even one percent of the Crazy Stories reported online were true. Just one percent.


This PAGE web translates each English text in another five languages and of the other part in English and has for the result the Kauderwelsch therefore.


What more can I say... I was destined for the job. (thanks Claire)
William James Sidis had an estimated IQ of 250-300. Go ahead. Guess what his hobby was.


Here it is, the amazing song (which is also fantastic) recorded, produced, and performed by Jonathan Oksman: Wherever You Will Go, Damnit, a melding to Blink 182 and the Calling.


If an action movie was made about the life of a philosopher, who would you imagine Arnold Schwartzenegger playing?
I must give kudos to Jon on his newest creation: "Wherever you may go, Dammit"
You have to download it, if you know where to find it.


You might like this. But even if you don't, I need to remember this link: Rattigan's Song from The Great Mouse Detective
The Prairie Plant Company is a respected biopharmaceutical research company. Oh yeah, they're also Jean Chretien's Drug Dealer.
Oolong is a rabbit with things on his head. Not only that, he's a rabbit with things on his head that you want to look at. You know it's true.
The Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership association have an interesting website. Check out the Bill of Rights Commemorative Pistol, the upsidedown american flag, and This really well produced flash video that essencially blames the Holocaust on german gun control.
An Analysis of Rock Music by L. Ron Hubbard. That's right. THE L. Ron Hubbard, of Scientology fame.


More Muppets Heroics! Puppeteers will save the world.
Check out this totally radically awesomely funny sketch-comedy troupe, The Vestibules.
"Bulbous Bouffant" and "Beethoven Backing Up His Truck" are both fantastic. Hell, they even mention my favorite conceptual artist, Christo!


Oh, sure, it's fun as it is... but then you figure out that you can drag parts of it around!


Strindberg and Helium is... well... it just is.
Just watch 'em.
It's time, once again for The Really Horrible Wax Museum Guessing Game!
Okay, I promise this is the last time I post a Singing Cat Animation, as long as you promise to stop by Rathergood.com every once in a while.


No link. Just a waving cat.
Enjoy it. Love it.
Worship it.
Bow down to your new overlord.
First it was AIDS, and now it's Peace in Northern Ireland.

Just goes to show, change can happen for the better, if you just go to the right people for help.


Yarrgh! Multimedia piracy is finally coming closer to actual piracy. Avast, me mateys!


Modern Living is amazing. I just spent half an hour there. I suggest you do the same.


Wanna see some 1950's Pin-up Girls, losing their panties, and holding bags containg celery?

Of course you do.


Okay... maybe One last Antikythera mechanism link... that's it.
One moreAntikythera Mechanism linke (real audio link)
Wow, those ancient greeks were some smart sons-of-bitches. The Antikythera Mechanism is by far the highest technology that we know that Ancient Greece had access too.And Boy is It High Tech In fact, nothing comparable to it pops up for about another thousand years after it's invention.

If you like to see gears turn, then check out These animations of how the damn thing worked
This is... I guess... a tribute to the movieSe7en... or maybe It's an official thing.

Or maybe it's...

or maybe it's...


The Racial Slur Database... just in case you didn't know if you were a Wigger or a Moon Cricket.
Nothing more fun than Molesting Miners!
Scott Gilmore: I need your braaaaaaaaiiiiii- wait... no. Scratch that. What I meant to say is I need your e-mail address. Not brains. E-mail. You're sweet, sweet, nourishing e-mail addresss. Who said anything about brains? Are you accusing me of something? That's absurd! I'm no zombie, if that's what you're trying to say. Hell, I wouldn't eat your brains if they were sitting right in front of me, that's how much I'm Not a zombie.
So get any zombie-related thoughts out of your head. And your brain. Your delicious, delicious, brain-meats.



a tooth paint that won't come off when I take a drink.


This guy get's famous comic book artists to draw pictures of their characters standing on, or near a cliff.
Go Kitten Vikings Go!
Oooh yeah... some kick-ass Optical Illusions... Boo-ya!
Alright... so your D&D character has destroyed a Red Great Wrym Dragon, Pelor's Avatar, and more Beholders than you can count. So, game's over... right? Wrong. See how you can handleThe Secret Cow Level!!! Mooooah-hah-ha-ha!!!! (PDF file)


Wow... what has happened to the world around us? Free Patriotic Jack O'Lantern Stencils...

I'm at a loss for words.
"Human dignity will one day be destroyed by the United State" - George Bush. Find this, and other favorite Dubya quotes here.


David Hasselhoff is less a man, than a GOD!


Someone stop me before I kill again! (And by kill, I, of course, mean Bootleg)
Jay Mewes missing: Silent Bob has no comment.
Wowie! Another bootleg. This one's better than the last. I swear.


I, Trevor Dunseith, have made a bootleg remix.

If you want to hear it (and, of course you do) here it is:

Sexual Moby

Tell me what you think.

PS. I know the middle needs work. But I'm not going to fix it. I'll just use what I've learnt, and move on to another one.
Late Breaking News! (realplayer needed)
The Cheese Family is a wonderful, heartwarming story.


Got an extra floppy disk drive kicking around? (and who doesn't?) Well, go to this webpage, and make a damn robot out of it, already!


This might be of interest to some of you... or, at very least, one of you: Acapella Heaven... the front page has the downloadables, the archive has every acapella available.
Got a few hundred dollars to spend? Got some spare time? Well, why not Break The Speed Of Light?
Just when you thought we knew everything on the face of the earth... well... we find something underneath it


Wow... Vintage Underwear by the pound! Make sure you check out the... well, just about everything.


Look: Mapquest is dumb!
101 Reasons to love Jean Chretien: Number 49


How good are you at telling a rump roast from a guy who just fell off his motorcycle going 100 mph? Find out, at Meat or Accident
What is...The Matwix?
History in the making: The First Ever Documented Use Of A Smiley, dating all the way back to 1982. Wow... it's older than I am by a month or so...
Sorta like the kill everyone project, but with less point, here is HoldTheButton.com
Kalarippayattu - World's Oldest Martial Art? Maybe. But any martial art that requires extensive massage is a-okay in my books.

You aren't sure where you came from. Perhaps your sire did an embrace and run. Or maybe your sire was an outcast himself. Either way, your powers are unique and really don't belong to any clan...or maybe a little from each. Because you of these circumstances, you aren't really sure where you belong. You tend to wander and do a bit of soul searching in your eternal life. Maybe some day...you have a while after all

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

Test Created By


Scary stuff:

this link may be dangerous to your hard-drive
Create a directory on your hard-drive called C:\test
Put some files that you don't care about (empty text files, for example) inside of said directory.

Click on This Link, hit cancel, then finish, and poof! All the files in test have been deleted.
I know kids say the darndest things... but, apparantly, So Do Scientists.



Check out the official website of the International Federation of Competitive Eating...and, as always, don't miss The Video
Space Freakin' Rocks


This is just one of the many wonderful stories you'll find at the Parking Lot Is Full Mailing List Archives
Yet another fantastic web-comic.


Schoolio's still going well.
Here's a little bit of strangeness that happened today:

My English class has collectively decided that I look like a celebrity. However, they're devided as to which one.

I'm either

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo (generally refered to as "That Weezer Guy")


The Muppet Show's Fozzie Bear (generally refered to as "Fonzie Bear)

Here's me, in case you don't know what I look like

So which one is it? Rivers or Fozzie?
Fozzie the Bear
Rivers the Rock Star

View the results
Hosted by WebEnalysis

I'm dying to know.


Flying Toilets: Not as futuristic as they sound.
Let's call Pub Fight a "tribute" to What's Better shall we?
Best non-porn use of porn soundtrack EVER


One step closer, to a brighter tommorow... And by "brighter", of course, I mean "smokier"...


China has decided to use the Great Firewall of China to block Chinese people from viewing Google...
Scary Go Round is one of my favorite ongoing web-comics these days. Start at the first one, and read your way up to today.
NnnnnnICE! Freestylin' Wheelbarrowin'
Finally, an extreme sport for the everyman.


Thank God! I don't know how I've surfed the web for this long without the benefit of these pants... I know they're designed for quadriplegics... but I'm sure web-junkies could find them just as useful.


The God & Devil Show is just one of the many Mondo Mini Shows that are worth checking out.


I have no particular reason to blog this Church's webpage... I just like their motto. That's pretty much all there is to it.


I might as well just change the theme of this blog to "Reasons It's Becoming the FREAKIN' FUTURE!


I'm sickened, truely sickened, by this Ramones tribute album...


What do you do if you have a lot of Fanicom cartridges? ???!!???
Look: Your favorite band is For Sale! (cheap)



Oh, and also, check out T-Shirt Hell. Buy me something, and I'll love you forever. (a big ol' thank you to Blitz fo' that link)
I think I'd be a lot more interested in Catholicism if they made a few minor changes.

For example, when you're taking Communioni, instead of serving consecrated bread and wine, they should serve consecrated Necco Wafers and Jones Soda...

I mean, why should dry wine and stale bread get all the fun of being the flesh and blood of Christ?
Yay Redesign!
I finally gave myself some sort of style.
It's about time.
But I'm still no web-master.
I started off using Corel Wordperfect...
I had to do most of it manually though..

But, I think it worked out for the best.
I hope.

And, I hope you all like grapefruit too...


No link... just a really fine quote:

"On two occasions, I have been asked [by members of Parliament], 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."
-- Charles Babbage


The Dysfunctional Family Circus has been around for ages... but this is, by far, the largest archive I've ever seen!
Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam!
What could be better than Dilbert? Well... This , for starters...
My mind's just full of crazy thoughts... like, what would this blog look like, if it was written by someone besides me... Like, for example, Jean Chretien...

Another sleepless night avoided, thanks to The Chretienizer!
What do you get when you combine an Atari, a NES, a Xbox, a GameCube, a PS2, and a gaming PC? Well, you getTHIS, I suppose...


Yet another good reason to Damn The Man!
Brainy Beanies: Like beanie babies... but instead of cute animals, they're famous thinkers.


All your base are belong to... ah, forget about it. Is this thing officially dead yet? What aboutthis one?
This Story's Got Everything: Drugs, Death, Experimental Psychology, Elephants... did I mention the drugs?
Pee-Mail alone is pretty fun... but once you finish yours, and view it, mess around with the numbers in the url to see what other people have written in pee.
Or, just use =0; --e) if (isDigit(L.charAt(e))) { for(s=e-1; s>=0; --s) if (!isDigit(L.charAt(s))) break; break; } ++s; if (e<0) return; oldNum = L.substring(s,e+1); newNum = "" + (parseInt(oldNum,10) + IB); while (newNum.length < oldNum.length) newNum = "0" + newNum; location.href = L.substring(0,s) + newNum + L.slice(e+1); })();">This Bookmarklette to go through the peemails one by one.
This is a pretty nifty trick... it took me a little while to figure it out....
Jebus H. Christ! Go HERE and click on the link entitled "The List"


You'll enjoy. I promise.
This has gotta be the most comprehensive Toy Raygun site on the internet today.


Welcome to Japander.com, the home of Japanese commercials staring western celebs.
Nate Pommer is less a film maker, than a GOD... (he's the fella what made all them pretty movin' pitures for the Monkey Vs. Robot music video)


First, it was skin... now, it's all about MEAT.



Thought gaz-guzzling SUVs were a dying breed? Think Again.
Two things get me about This Story. One: that it actually happened. Two: that the Sun had to describe GI Joe as being "similar to Action Man "... those crazy Brits.


This has always been one of my favorite sites. Textfiles.com is an archive or old texts from the pre-history of online life: the BBS era.
Hey... here's the official notice from the Yacht Naming Contest saying that I won.


Women Only Need Apply
Tesk your Mad Skillz, by taking The 8 Bit Movie Challenge, and see if you can figure out which celebrity is shown in an old, old, OLD video game.


If you're looking for pretty pictures, Don't Look Here.
And here I thought Giant Squid were rare...
How to make your own Portable Nintendo. No, not a gameboy. A Portable Nintendo.


Trevor's Favorite Baseball Team: Buy me a shirt, and I'll love you forever.
Lysol, because "fastidious women know that no bath, no deodorant, no perfume can make up for a certain kind of carelessness"


Time to finally find out: Is my Blog HOT or NOT?
I've always known that Wesley Willis was an artist... but A Visual Artist? Who'd've guessed?
This is... umm... pretty neat, actually. A man posts on a message board As he has an epileptic fit... He's very well-written, and it's definately a through-the-looking-glass experience.


A hot new game has it the streets. And that game's name is Eat Poop You Cat (you heard me)
I thought that keyboard/keyboard that I posted a while ago was the forefront of geek rock... I Was Wrong
Welcome To The Captain Planet Store!
Why do I love these case mods so much? This one's pretty good: The Caffeine Machine


Mmmmm.... BIOS modding... yum.
Maybe This Guy and This Guy should get together and go bowilng sometime.


It's a good thing all those Killer Asteroid movies came out in the late 90's... Because now, we'll be glad we had the practice.
Jobs Trevor Wants, Part One: Dead Koala Painter
Look up there! Under the archives, but above the fast-tracker logo! It's a link to that dead discussion board that I posted here a while ago.
If you ever want to say something, say it there.
I'll read it... maybe.
And if there's anyone else reading this piss-poor excuse for a blog, they might read it too.
The View From The Top of Mt. Everest (huge jpg, watch out)
What do a computer, a ukelele, lego and Bob Marley have in common? They all come together to create the perfect Reggae Robot

WARNING: Strange Fetish
WARNING: Photoshop

Now that all that's out of the way, I bring unto you, Multiple Breast Galleries


Mmmm....ACTION COMICS NO. 1, online. A piece of history, fo' sho'


This Public Service Announcement, Brought to you by Beta.Com
Mmmm... Britney Spears...I'd love to get a piece of her!
I'm not sure whether these guys make tiny gears, or breed giant bugs... but either way, I'm impressed.
Ummm... is this the logical progression of geek rock? Be sure to check out the videos on the side.
Plug in your favorite URL here and listen to the beautiful music it makes.


Ooooh.... the official Hormel Foods take on the uses of the wordSPAM



Hillside Festival Schedule has been released. Looks like candy coated brilliance. Look: Noah 23's sharing a stage with Bullfrog! And the Constantines are playing with By Divine Right!


Ronco, Ronco, RONCO!!!!
I don't remember if I've blogged this before... but if I haven't, shame on me. And if I have, here it is again, for your viewing pleasure: PIPS:lab


Atari Adventure playable online.

The Future of the Past is Now!


Weezer's string of great videos continues with their new single Keep Fishin'...

It's just a shame their songs can't keep the same quality...


Go ahead. Poke the Bunny... You know you want to.
Just go ahead. Poke the Penguin... you know you want to.


Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love In All Our Son's Command... wow. Congratulations Vancouver.


"Test-firing your donk", "Waxing the lizard", "Honing the purple-headed stormtrooper" and 149997 more at The Random Masturbation Synonym Generator
This story starts out with a spectacular demonstration of typical Weekly World News style. You say something crazy, then you add either a dash, a colon, a semi-colon, or three dots (...) and you say something that makes it crazier.


Wow... what a strange cross-promotion... Download NHL 2002 with the Barenaked Ladies as the Toronto Mapleleafs starting lineup. (???)
"Prisoner of Wonderland: An ESL Misadventure" is a wonderful horror story about Wonderland English Schools in Korea... Now Luke... who do we know who works at Wonderland School in Korea?
"Prisoner of Wonderland: An ESL Misadventure" is a wonderful horror story about Wonderland English Schools in Korea... Now Luke... who do we know who works at Wonderland School in Korea?
Out of the following, who do you think love's elephants more? Pavarotti, Mr. T, or Kylie Minogue? I think you'll be plesantly surprized.
Ahem.... *cough*.... "Yawn"....OH MY GOD, WHAT'S THAT THING ON KYLIE MINOGUE'S HEAD!!!!!!!!!!
I only wish that this Mr. T interview was available in MP3... I'd love to hear him say this stuff...
A new condender has entered the linux fray...Micro$oft.
This Man is my hero.
Here is a very nice, and very different Interview of John K. Sampson of the Weakerthans.


White Stripes With Bass??? Looks like some member of Redd Kross is going through his White Stripes album and adding bass where he see's fit. Does it work? I dunno. I'm downloading some tracks right now.


RTMark is sorta like an Ebay for social anarchy. Explore it.... expecially the mutual funds.
Black XXX-Mas = Quality Short Film (warning: contains nudity and scenes of extreme violence... oh, and a bit of canibalism)



Well, since I've become unemployed, I've been looking for a new job. This is the best lead i've found so far.
Mmmmm... Video Rocketry... do I even need to mention; check out the Videos
It's official: Everything Causes Cancer
It's official: Everything Causes Cancer
Wait! Maybe this one is...
This is my favorite entry thus far in this years


5...4...3...2...1...Thunderbirds are GO! Wow, this was my favorite show when I was a kid... and now it's back on the air, and online.
Well, here they are: Cheesefest 2002 pictures.
Mmmm.... Peer-to-Peer Spam Filtering...
Finally, a P2P program that won't get the RIAA in a tizzy.
Warning: This post links to pictures of a fat naked man, painted to look like Spider-Man. You've been warned.


Alright... so I'm a geek. Big deal. I still reallywant one of these keyboards
Killer Japanese Seizure Robots?Killer Japanese Seizure Robots!


Finally. The complete listings for hillside 2002 Have been posted on the WWW. Looks like a good year.
I want my Serial Killer Action Figures! And I want them NOW!
I kinda wanted to keep this to myself... but it's too good not to share.Sesame Seventies.com
The MoOM is something who's time has come; The Museum of Online Museums.
Yet anotherAddictive Flash Game
world's smallest website


eXTReMe Yippie! More than 100 unique visitors to my lil' ol blog, since I started keeping track.
Question: Who's going to be the bad guy in Spider-Man two?
Answer: Did You Even Need To Ask?


What's better than asking Arnold Schwarzeneggerwho would win in a fight between him and Yoda? Simple. Asking him who woul win if it was a Vampire and a Werewolf who were doing the fighting.


Rock'n'Roll Minor Planets are just that; planets that know how to rock and roll...
Second Best WebpageEver
Best WebpageEver
Keyboard Sumo is a great idea for a game. Modern thumb wrestling.


This is a fantastic prediction of what's going to happen to the music industry in this post-napster world we live in. The author compares what's happening to the music industry to what happened to the book industry.

And it makes sense.


This ain't a link... but it's pretty fun.
Open Kazaa.
Do an "everything search"
search for *.eml
And what do you find?

That's right.
People's private e-mails.
Happy reading everybody.
Science Toys is a fantastic site. It has very simple plans that show you how to make such wonderful things as a A Film Canister Camera or maybe your own Gauss Rifle
Not only is the subject interesting, but it's also very well written... a rare combination for science texts...
Lookie; It's the mythical "Porno Ending" to Chrono Trigger. I knew I wasn't just imagining this...
If you like the Weez, but you hate the Rawk, then Classical Weezer.Com is the place for you.


Some things I'll never understand.
Not This of course. That I understand perfectly.
A thousand times better than pokemon, I bring you Shiny Mud Balls!!!


So this is where that new N*sync song came from...
Okay... let's see if this works...
Here's a message board... I wanna see who's out there.

I mean, really... who are you, and what are you doing here?


It's So Easy. Happy Go LuckyYatta!


Jesus H. Christ!
Check out the videos on This Page...
Bungee Jumping?
Sky Surfing?

None of those even come close to this extreme sport.


Remember Resistance? The greatest rock and roll band ever? Well, they changed their name to No Such Luck., and got posted on MP3.Com.



I'll take orginizations that probably don't need to exist for $500, Alex
Hey look, that icon just below the archives link - it's a tracker. Finally I'll know how many of you there really are.


"What about barcodes and 666: The Mark of the Beast?": Read it, and have your eyes opened to the evil that surrounds us.


Madeagoner.com, making a mockery of weddings, since 2002.
Sick, scary, frightening, hypnotising, flash flash Flash FLASH
HRGiger is an artist. Some of his art is famous, and all of his art is instantly recogniseable. Checkitout.
Wanna know how big of a geek I really am? I have a favorite form of carbon. No, not graphite. No, not even diamonds. My baby is "C-60", also known as Buckminsterfullerene
alt="FREE THE MOUSE" border="0" width="88" height="31">


I've said it before, and I'll say it again; The Future Is Now


This is not a post


These Star Wars Fans built a life sized Millenium Falcon in their back yard. For a portrait of the kind of people that would do this sort of thing, don't miss Documentary


Sane CHUK is a christian beatboxer, who parodys current rap hits in Christs Name (forever and ever, Amen). Don't miss his page on MP3.COM.
Now, I'm never one to approve of war research... But if it has to happen, This is the way it should be done.


Wow, the internet has a bunch of crazies on it... like The Hall Of Statues, which lists cartoons that have women that either turn into statues, get encased in ice, or get imobilized in some other manner. Why? Who knows...


The Incompleat Accordionist is absolutely fabulous. A 63 year old man has decided to teach himself to play the Accordion. And, thanks to the glory of the internet, we get to listen along as he progresses.


Male Mannequins... With Attitude.


'Member Scorched Earth? Play it with your buddies online... or don't. See if I care.


Okay... go to This Page, and search the page for "pat boone" (it's near the bottom)...
Gawdammit, that's some awful music. My favorite is his version of Enter Sandman... It's funnier than Richard Cheese, because this guy was serious...


Sharpeworld.com, one of my favorite blogs, has a really rockin' audio stream playing for the next few weeks. Tune In for excitement, and entertainment... Also, if you happen to be in New York City, tune your radio to 99.9 to hear the exact same thing... but more illegaly...
Raised by Chimps! RAISED BY CHIMPS!!!!!!!


And, now for a new feature on this blog'o'mine... Entitled Proof The World Is Coming To An End...


The Toque is sorta like The Onion, but Canadian... and less funny.



It's About Freakin' Time. Finally, it's starting to feel like the year 2002.


The Historic Asylums of America is one of the many reasons why I love the internet.


I hate to burst your bubble, but... actually, it's not that I hate to... It's that I can't


The Brunching Shuttlecocks have written a dead-on review of The Time Machine. READ IT



Come with me to a magical place where we can both sit and laugh at THIS GUY's hilliariously bad covers of Aerosmith songs.


Are you ready to take Jesusluv...TO THE EXTREEEEME!!!!!!!!
Phineas Gage Phineas Gage Phineas Gage ; everyone's favorite Man-With-A-Pole-Through-His-Head.
Where does a T-bone come from?


There has never been good movie made about the plot of a video game... until now.Until Now.


Have a listen to The Big Daddy Jukebox for some far-out swinging tunes...
Just when I was starting to lose faith in humanity, Britney Spears Gets Attacked With Buckets of Urine!!!
And, if you want pictures (you sick bastard you) you can go to THIS Swedish page.


Garfielderine... Is it Jim Davis' attempt to capture the X-men's audience, or is it Stan Lee trying to put a kinder, gentler comic on the market?


Loony Toons fan fiction at it's best...

Oooh yeah... flash music mixer wonderfulness... mmmm...


Dear Santa;

I know it's a little early for me to be writing you... but I just thought I'd let you know that This is all I want for christmas.


I had no idea that Flash could be tasteful
THIS IS the newest winner of the "Scariest Video Clip of Microsoft's CEO"


If there's one religious order that really knows how to Rawk Out, it would have to be; The Electric Amish!!!!
Watch this, and become one with the universe


I don't know what else to say, really...


Mmmm.... Frenchfries. Way more than you ever needed to know about French Fries. Or, if you Really like french fries, then Not Enough.
Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of the wonderful movie Amelie from Montmartre, has one mind-boggling credit on his filmography.
Here is a great place to go if you have no respect for sanity.
Way back in 1998, I was a much different person that I am now. Really, there's only one thing that's stayed the same. My love for The Amazing Blenderphone . I'm glad they haven't re-designed the site.
Sigh...I wish I could find a love as true as this...
What's wrong with this picture? You might have to take a minute or two and really look at the picture.


The following link is a favour for a fellow blogger.

Zora Neale Hurston

5 year old Lucas interviews The White Stripes.Rock On Lucas!
Colombia's national army has a new weapon in its war against the rebels - a large inflatable soldier
I know the way you people think.
Right now, you're thinking "Gee, I love Trevor, and I know I love Trevor, but is there any way I can let the Whole World know I love Trevor?"

Well, finally, there's a solution for you.

The Trevor Dunseith Super-Store is now online.


Don't know how to play chess? Don't worry.Screech Can Teach You!
Innocent Inanimate Objects getting shot by many different kinds of guns.
Fun for the whole family.


Art by Psychotics has some pretty good stuff, if you ask me...


Early Electronic Music; Some cro-magnon computer geeks figured out what tones their printer made as it printed, and the recorded music with it. Whoo-hoo.


What could possibly be better than a Bon Jovi Tribute Band? A GERMAN Bon Jovi Tribute Band. I give you;Kon Chauvi!
Now, it's time to take ironing...TO THE EXTREME!!!! *ahem*... yes... I'll be fine...


Final Meal Requests of everyone who texas has killed in the last...20 years...


Guelph By Night... Oooohhh... spoooky...
Here's a guide to being a Vampire... In Guelph
My Acid Trip with Groucho is a great read. Start with the Groucho bits, then read the whole thing. Do it.
Henry's Diary is honestly one of my favorite web sites. Checkitout.


WWJD? He'd probably Kick Your Ass!
Finally, another competion that uses processed cheese slices. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Cheese Racing!
THIS is what happens when the Grim Reaper decides to settle down and have a family... or something... I'm too tired to make a funny coment. Enjoy


I just found out what those songs that are two songs mixed together ar called; Bootlegs... and here are a few of them


These are some of the best Paintings i've ever seen.


The Voice work in Capt. Planet And The Planeteers... There were SO MANY famous people who did voices for this show, it's not even funny.


Suddenly Attack Of The Clones has a whole new meaning. N*SYNC Film Cameos For 'Star Wars Episode II'


Billy the Egomaniac is what happens when you put Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and The Smashing Pumpkins in a blender.
We all know what would happen if Hitler and Stalin got into a fight. But, what if they had MAGICAL POWERS????Find out what happens on this (russian) site