General Theory Of Relativity getting you down? Well, why not read about it when it's written in words of four letters or less?


Woah... Snoopy + Mysticism = The Peanuts Arcana Tarot Deck


Rest In Peace, Boom Selection... can we have a moment of silence?



We're gonna miss you, buddy.
Star Wars Origami!!!!!!!!!
How do you fight invasion of privacy? Simple. Invade The Privacy of the invaders.


Fo' Shizzle my nizzle. This Ice Crizzle will satisfizzle yo' hunger...um... izzle...

(and they even have Ice-T as a spokesperson!)
I never imagined that this could exist: Web Art that I actually concider art.


I wish I had dreams like this


Dear geeks, not many people know this, but The Wizards Of The Coast made a set of comedy magic cards, known as Magic: Unglued. I want all of them.


Click on the numbers... love the numbers.
Sure, the Segway is cool, and all... but can they do it with Lego?


Curses... And here I am, without a life threatening disease.


Toughest. Movie. Quiz. Ever! Try and guess the movies, based on stills taken from them. Oh yeah, and the actors have been edited out with photoshop. Good luck.


Alright... I've waited long enough. Am IHOT or NOT?


If you happen to be a fellow Filepiler, then you'll find this to be quite funny.


Youaremyfriend.com is a strange site indeed. Just pick a name, and type it in as the subdomain when you go there (ie. www.hitler.youaremyfriend.com, www.satan.youaremyfriend.com, or www.Cute.Kittens.youaremyfriend.com ), and wow: instant satisfaction.


Google's Catalog Search is absolutely amazing. It lets you search image scans of actual print catalogs. I have no clue how it works.
Oh, Dispair! I'm not afraid to admit it: I cried when I watched this.



Every time I hear Uno Mas by Daniel O'Donnell, I always get the incredible urge to DANCE!


"A couple of web sites have linked to this page because they think it is uproariously funny that there could be such a thing as an emergency baptism."