The Historic Asylums of America is one of the many reasons why I love the internet.


I hate to burst your bubble, but... actually, it's not that I hate to... It's that I can't


The Brunching Shuttlecocks have written a dead-on review of The Time Machine. READ IT



Come with me to a magical place where we can both sit and laugh at THIS GUY's hilliariously bad covers of Aerosmith songs.


Are you ready to take Jesusluv...TO THE EXTREEEEME!!!!!!!!
Phineas Gage Phineas Gage Phineas Gage ; everyone's favorite Man-With-A-Pole-Through-His-Head.
Where does a T-bone come from?


There has never been good movie made about the plot of a video game... until now.Until Now.


Have a listen to The Big Daddy Jukebox for some far-out swinging tunes...
Just when I was starting to lose faith in humanity, Britney Spears Gets Attacked With Buckets of Urine!!!
And, if you want pictures (you sick bastard you) you can go to THIS Swedish page.


Garfielderine... Is it Jim Davis' attempt to capture the X-men's audience, or is it Stan Lee trying to put a kinder, gentler comic on the market?


Loony Toons fan fiction at it's best...

Oooh yeah... flash music mixer wonderfulness... mmmm...


Dear Santa;

I know it's a little early for me to be writing you... but I just thought I'd let you know that This is all I want for christmas.


I had no idea that Flash could be tasteful
THIS IS the newest winner of the "Scariest Video Clip of Microsoft's CEO"


If there's one religious order that really knows how to Rawk Out, it would have to be; The Electric Amish!!!!
Watch this, and become one with the universe


I don't know what else to say, really...


Mmmm.... Frenchfries. Way more than you ever needed to know about French Fries. Or, if you Really like french fries, then Not Enough.
Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of the wonderful movie Amelie from Montmartre, has one mind-boggling credit on his filmography.
Here is a great place to go if you have no respect for sanity.
Way back in 1998, I was a much different person that I am now. Really, there's only one thing that's stayed the same. My love for The Amazing Blenderphone . I'm glad they haven't re-designed the site.
Sigh...I wish I could find a love as true as this...
What's wrong with this picture? You might have to take a minute or two and really look at the picture.


The following link is a favour for a fellow blogger.

Zora Neale Hurston

5 year old Lucas interviews The White Stripes.Rock On Lucas!
Colombia's national army has a new weapon in its war against the rebels - a large inflatable soldier
I know the way you people think.
Right now, you're thinking "Gee, I love Trevor, and I know I love Trevor, but is there any way I can let the Whole World know I love Trevor?"

Well, finally, there's a solution for you.

The Trevor Dunseith Super-Store is now online.