Stompin' Tom Connors... In Lego Form!!! (I love that phrase: "In Lego Form". Add it to any noun, and I'm a happy guy.)


Thisis a great article to read If you've ever been stuck trying to describe Magic: The Gathering to someone, or if you have no clue what I'm talking about.

Warning: may be geekier than expected.
The Google Toolbar just released version 2.0, and I tell ya - it's a lot more useful. It's now a pop-up blocker, a form auto-filler, and it has a little button that let's you post a entry to your blog, thanks to Google's recent purchase of Pyra Labs, creaters of Blogger.


Imagine if you could take a large chunk of your brain's processing power, and devote it to just one task. Well, Allan Snyder and the Medtronic Mag Pro, might allow you to do just that.


Sure, it's just an ad for a book... but it's a damn entertaining ad.


So very rarely is a flash video so cohesive, yet so strange.


Rediculously Small Artwork from russian artist Nikolai Syadristy.


BREAKING NEWS: The world's entire suply of chrome has been stolen by these truckers.


Yeah, I like to think of myself as an individual, just like all my friends.


Feel free to wander through Kevin Cornell's Sketchbook, because he put it all online for our viewing (and clicking) pleasure.