Sure, you can buy a bootleg DVD of the Two Towers right now, off the black market. That is, if you don't mind the engrish subtitles.


Dude, the Brothers Chaps (geniuses behind Homestarrunner.com) only have one other site: the official Mellow Mushroom homepage. Enjoy.


Yet another way in which penises are better than cable modems
The world's First Crossword Puzzle is now available online! Wow! Super-fun! W00t! W00t! Rawk! Yeah!










Monday is everyone's favorite holiday: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!! Celebrate with FREE BUBBLE WRAP!
Uh oh... The US has UN support for their war on Iraq... wait, that's not the UN... that's Nickelback and Godsmack... I always get them confused with the United Nations, for some reason.
We like the moon. 'Cause it is close to us.


So, you have an Inkjet Printer. You can print out your homework, a greeting card, glow in the dark stickers, T-shirts, and temporary tattoos.

But that's old news. The really cool kids use their inkjets to print out circuits, and maybe a little bit of Living Tissue
What's better than a dinosaur with two wings? Why, a Dinosaur with FOUR wings, of course!
Indgredient X has a whole slew of great little short movies.
Not quite what I'd call animation...
Just naration, and a drawing being completed before your very eyes.

Mature subject matter, so viewer disgression is advised.


Rescue Rangers - Of Mice and Mayhem. This is what happens when fan-fic is left to grow unchecked.


Version: 3.1
O d++(---) s+:- a20 C++ U--@ P L E? W++ N+ o K++ w O !M
V? PS+ PE- Y+ PGP- t(+) 5 X R+ tv(-) b++ DI D+ G e* h! r y

Figure out your Geek Code, because... well, look how straightforward that is!


It's the -:* Sedlec Ossuary, also known as The Bone Church
Wow... Just in time to miss Christmas, it's The Trevor Dunseith Super-Store... new and improved. Now with three different types of underwear!


Soap Lake, a once bustling town in washington state is in dire need of tourists. What's a city to do? Build a GIANT FREAKING LAVA LAMP, that's what.
Barbie and Ken, two american icons, for sure. What better way to show your love for them than hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery?
See that green GeoURL button up there? Click it, to see the closest regestered GeoURL sites to me.


Ever wonder where a megaband like REM get there song ideas? Ever think that maybe everyone's favorite Nintendo Game might be their muse?


I can't believe I haven't blogged this yet. At Otis Fodder is posting a new unusual mp3 every day, for all of 2003. That's 365 days of whacko musicians, and spoken word.


I know I've asked you before, but I switched my picture around.
So, what I want to know is, Am I Hot, Or Am I Not?

(strange aside: as of this posting, I've gotten votes ranging from 1 to 10. But I've yet to get a single 8. What's the matter? Am I not 8 enough for you people? Huh?)


Human Hampster Balls for me and for you. Because: "why should hampsters have all the damn fun?"
Well, CN Tower, you had a good run. But say goodbye to your record. Damn ausies.
Over at SuperNewborn MonkeyStranger: my new bootleg!

Or you can pick it up direct from my Angelcrapfire Crappy Website Of Crap

Warning: this one uses four words from the Talking Dictionary. Thats all the warning you're gonna get.
Geroge Washington: "I cannot tell a lie"
George W. Bush: "Five terrorists Entered The United States Via Canada"


Scott Blake creates portraits of famous people, using Bar Codes somehow associated with them.



When's the last time you hated a truck? No no... I mean Really hated... really REally.


Happy New Years (Warning: Gigantic Quicktime VR)