Wow... what a strange cross-promotion... Download NHL 2002 with the Barenaked Ladies as the Toronto Mapleleafs starting lineup. (???)
"Prisoner of Wonderland: An ESL Misadventure" is a wonderful horror story about Wonderland English Schools in Korea... Now Luke... who do we know who works at Wonderland School in Korea?
"Prisoner of Wonderland: An ESL Misadventure" is a wonderful horror story about Wonderland English Schools in Korea... Now Luke... who do we know who works at Wonderland School in Korea?
Out of the following, who do you think love's elephants more? Pavarotti, Mr. T, or Kylie Minogue? I think you'll be plesantly surprized.
Ahem.... *cough*.... "Yawn"....OH MY GOD, WHAT'S THAT THING ON KYLIE MINOGUE'S HEAD!!!!!!!!!!
I only wish that this Mr. T interview was available in MP3... I'd love to hear him say this stuff...
A new condender has entered the linux fray...Micro$oft.
This Man is my hero.
Here is a very nice, and very different Interview of John K. Sampson of the Weakerthans.


White Stripes With Bass??? Looks like some member of Redd Kross is going through his White Stripes album and adding bass where he see's fit. Does it work? I dunno. I'm downloading some tracks right now.


RTMark is sorta like an Ebay for social anarchy. Explore it.... expecially the mutual funds.
Black XXX-Mas = Quality Short Film (warning: contains nudity and scenes of extreme violence... oh, and a bit of canibalism)



Well, since I've become unemployed, I've been looking for a new job. This is the best lead i've found so far.
Mmmmm... Video Rocketry... do I even need to mention; check out the Videos
It's official: Everything Causes Cancer
It's official: Everything Causes Cancer
Wait! Maybe this one is...
This is my favorite entry thus far in this years


5...4...3...2...1...Thunderbirds are GO! Wow, this was my favorite show when I was a kid... and now it's back on the air, and online.
Well, here they are: Cheesefest 2002 pictures.
Mmmm.... Peer-to-Peer Spam Filtering...
Finally, a P2P program that won't get the RIAA in a tizzy.
Warning: This post links to pictures of a fat naked man, painted to look like Spider-Man. You've been warned.


Alright... so I'm a geek. Big deal. I still reallywant one of these keyboards
Killer Japanese Seizure Robots?Killer Japanese Seizure Robots!


Finally. The complete listings for hillside 2002 Have been posted on the WWW. Looks like a good year.
I want my Serial Killer Action Figures! And I want them NOW!
I kinda wanted to keep this to myself... but it's too good not to share.Sesame Seventies.com
The MoOM is something who's time has come; The Museum of Online Museums.
Yet anotherAddictive Flash Game
world's smallest website


eXTReMe Yippie! More than 100 unique visitors to my lil' ol blog, since I started keeping track.
Question: Who's going to be the bad guy in Spider-Man two?
Answer: Did You Even Need To Ask?


What's better than asking Arnold Schwarzeneggerwho would win in a fight between him and Yoda? Simple. Asking him who woul win if it was a Vampire and a Werewolf who were doing the fighting.


Rock'n'Roll Minor Planets are just that; planets that know how to rock and roll...
Second Best WebpageEver
Best WebpageEver
Keyboard Sumo is a great idea for a game. Modern thumb wrestling.


This is a fantastic prediction of what's going to happen to the music industry in this post-napster world we live in. The author compares what's happening to the music industry to what happened to the book industry.

And it makes sense.


This ain't a link... but it's pretty fun.
Open Kazaa.
Do an "everything search"
search for *.eml
And what do you find?

That's right.
People's private e-mails.
Happy reading everybody.
Science Toys is a fantastic site. It has very simple plans that show you how to make such wonderful things as a A Film Canister Camera or maybe your own Gauss Rifle
Not only is the subject interesting, but it's also very well written... a rare combination for science texts...
Lookie; It's the mythical "Porno Ending" to Chrono Trigger. I knew I wasn't just imagining this...
If you like the Weez, but you hate the Rawk, then Classical Weezer.Com is the place for you.


Some things I'll never understand.
Not This of course. That I understand perfectly.
A thousand times better than pokemon, I bring you Shiny Mud Balls!!!


So this is where that new N*sync song came from...
Okay... let's see if this works...
Here's a message board... I wanna see who's out there.

I mean, really... who are you, and what are you doing here?


It's So Easy. Happy Go LuckyYatta!