For when "Baby's First Mien Kamf just isn't enough, you can send your kids Here.
Half.com is both a E-commerece site and now, thanks to said site, it is also a small town . The web site payed the town to change it's name.
I don't really know what else to say...
Okay, here's a simple math question; cute kid + sweaty wrestler + porcelain + $110 = ?
Little Stone Cold Porcelain Doll

Nuff said.
What? Disney, a huge multinational corporation, stealing the entire plot and characters for it's newest hit movie Atlantis from a Japanese TV show? Impossible. The pictures on THIS web page must be pure coincidence....


Haven't found Christ yet?Maybe This web page can help. At least, it might help if you're any good at Where's Waldo...
Somehow, I knew that if Jesus went online, He'd be on AOL. Just because He's the Son of God, doesnt mean he'll make a decent home page.
Google Search: "all your" "are belong to us" -base. All this does, is search the web for "All Your" something "Are Belong To Us", but that "something" can't be base... nope.
Wow. This Site makes a collage from a bunch of completely random images it finds on the net, and it also links to each of the pages that it found the pics from. Gawd I love randomness....
Remember Whigfield? Di Di Dah Bah Dah? Well, apparently she still has a couple of fans. The Whigfield Super Site is everything anyone could ever want. Poor English, Crappy Games, And even proof that Whigfield is as popular as ever. Bandwith waste at its best.
Exploding Dog is hard to describe. You send this guy a title, and he'll draw a picture for it. They're simple pictures, but they're by no means "bad" pictures. A couple of my favorites are Id Rather Be Flying, Huh>, and Drugs Make Me Feel Good.
Randomness is fun. Random Yahoo Category. Have fun!
This scares me. You can plan a trip from anywhere in America, to anywhere in America, and McDonlalds will tell you how not to miss a single one of their fine eating facilities. You can travel from one end of the good ol' US of A to the other, and still not miss cheeseburger tuesdays.
The Childcare Action Project is a small ministry that rates movies based on their Offence To God. Some "Holier Than Thou" nutcases watch movies, then give them a score out of 100. The lower the score, the greater your chances of going to hell after watching it.
Okay, "All Your Base" was fun. Sure. Whatever. But, why stop there? There are thousands of poorly translated games out there. This Site highlights some of the best (worst?) examples out there. Hey Scott; This is the site with the Zero Wing Ending...
Metababy is an interesting web page. Anyone can edit any page, or create their own, all with nothing more than a minute amount of HTML knowledge. It's a spam-magnet, but still very fun.
I'll start this sad-excuse-for-a-blog off with some old links from my "Favorites". You've probably already heard of these, so bear with me. New stuff will be coming soon.

The world's biggest grain silo - grain + some sort of artist + microphones, speakers, and an internet conncection = The Silophone The silophone is a wonderful place, and a horrible addiction. You either speak, or play sounds inside of the worlds largest grain silo, and then listen to the echos. The echos last for around 20 seconds. Even the "Meow Mix Song" sounds beautiful when played inside of it.
Hello, and welcome to another drop in the endless ocean of blogs. Don't expect anything different or exciting out of this tiny web-page. I know I don't. You'll probably just find the same ol' links that you'd find on Metafilter, or Kottke, but a week or so later... But here, you get those links from Me, Trevor Dunseith, and that's got to be worth something... right? Right!?