It's kinda funny, but Jean Cretien kinda looks stoned in this picture... just kinda.


Speaking of spam, look at all the great stuff you can buy at the SPAM Gift Center!
Happy 25th Birthday, Spam. And not the good kind of spam, either.


SARS IN GUELPH: let the fearmongering begin.


Dear Santa: I know it's a little early this year, but I figured you'd probably need some time to get my present ready this year.
18 days until Free Comic Book Day!
Hardcore MRI Porn! (scroll down)


Now, there isn't much in the way of gay porn that I'd like to watch, but there are definately a few exceptions (don't worry... it's not a porn link)
If only there was some way to look at every picture an astronaught has ever taken, since 1961, online. If only.


Space Tea! (and if you look lower on the page, there are links to Space Honey!, Space Peanutbutter!, and Space Cleanup!)


Kisses - the sexy urinal... because, you know... one thing urinals need is More Sexy.
Instructions for use: In times of emergency do not panic, take your neckwear and look for a safe escape path.
There are, surprisingly, only 5 basic rules to Inflatable Sumo
Please excuse me, while I breifly flash-back to OAC Writer's Craft, and turn my blog into one last Shrine-o To Greg Rhino



Time Magazine just celebrated it's 80th birthday, and to celebrate, it put up a list of the 80 most influencial days of the past 80 years. It's amazing, the perspective it give you to read this stuff...


Yes! Want to download some episodes of your Favorite Late 80's cartoons? Look no further than MiGhtY BeaTniK's Pookey Toons (god, some sites have goofy names.)