Wow. It turns out that I'm not the only "T Diddy" in the world.
I guess everything I thought I knew about a human being exposed to the complete vacuum is wrong. Or, at least so says NASA...but what do they know about space?


I saw a picture of THIS in Wired a while ago, but it's even more amazing in VIDEO FORM
Hey, I just realized that Salma is the greatest most terrificest person ever and that I must bow down before her because she is my god.
Okay, so you, like so many others, want to run the Mac OS on your computer, but you don't want to go through all the trouble of buying an Imac. Here is an alternate solution.
THIS GUY is my new hero. Even though he didn't make it to the torch. Especially because he didn't make it to the torch.
Oh, Jesus Christ. As if Jar-Jar Binks wasn't enough.... Are you ready to find out the chapter title of Star Wars episode two? I don't think you are. Brace yourself, and get ready for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. WTF was George Lucas thinking...


Britney Fulfils Our Dreams, Totals Ferrari

That's the headline. I'm not going to say anything else, for fear of spoiling the moment...
Jebus Christo. It's finally starting to feel like the 21st century around here. Artifical Intelligence is in the toddler stange. And they're pretty sure that eventually it will be smart enough to pass the Turing test...

Wow. Someone who's not one of my friends noticed this page. Check out Le Blogeur for a list of great blogs (including mine...)
I don't know why, but I just can't getTHIS page to open. It's a darn shame.


Phonespell.org provides a very useful service. It tells you what words are hidden in your phone number. In case any of you want to call me, my phone number is a simple 8-ENEMA-9 on your touch-tone phone..


I'd like to make a nomination forWorst Possible Simulation Game, Ever.


So, you don't like my blog? You don't like my recent posts? You don't like Me? Well, fine then. What are you going to do about it? Why not justBlow me up with big gun? Huh? Why don't you just do that, then...
What do you do if every pet you've ever owned has died on you? Simple; just buy a pet that's Already Dead!
Most people think that the crunchy, partially un-popped kernels found at the bottom of a bag of popcorn are just faulty; failures; mistakes. I'm not most people. I love the crunchy bits at the bottom of the bowl. And so, apparently does the company behind Pop Nots Crunchy Popcorn.
Whole bags full of defective popcorn. Yum yum.
I wonder what the person, or persons, who invented Flash thought their invention would be used for? Probably Something Like This.
.Lookit all that goddamn pork


"We bring pants for your master, Jabba the Hutt." --Threepio The Star Wars Pants Page simply takes a quote from Star Wars, and replaces a key word with the word "Pants". Meyhem ensues.


OverClocked ReMix v2.0 is the place to go for remixes of both classic, and current video game soundtrack remixes. If you like that sort of thing...
First it was Dance Dance Revolution. Now, the next big arcade game to come out of japan; Boonga-Boonga!!!


Mothers and Fathers of the world, a quick warning. If your child says that they want to be a tiger when they grow up, don't just chalk it up to youthful imagination. Find them profesional help. Fast.
Hey, I've got another blog now. It's Trevor's Dream Blog. You probably don't care, but I'm going to write all my dreams there. So now, I've got two blogs. Not one, but two. And you're sitting there without a single blog to your name. You should be ahamed of yourself.


Two things are certain in this world. One; bargain beards will always be funny. Two; people will always look for secret codes and patterns In The Bible. In this site, pay special attention to the "rapturemeter" in the upper right hand corner. Funny funny stuff.
This may be the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet, or in the real world. I don't think that humour can get much humourous than this. BARGAIN BEARD!!!!!


Alright. This site is calledGuess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character. It will ask you a bunch of questions about either the Dictator, or the Sit-Com character that you're thinking 'bout, and then It will guess correctly. It hasn't given me a wrong answer yet.
Now, forget about the real purpose of this site. Answer all the questions as if they were about you personally. Then, eventually, you'll get the Dictator/Sit-Com Character that most resembles you. I got Zach from Saved by the Bell. Maybe you'll get Mork from Ork, or Stalin. You never know until you try.


Finaly, a reason to use that laser pointer you bought two years ago. www.paintthemoon.org want's you all (by "all" I'm speaking to all of north america) to shine them at the moon, in an attempt to temporarily put a red spot on the moon....
I have two related questions. First; how do you make anything better? Second; how do you make a beer cooler better. The answer to the first question is, obviously put a jet engine on it. The answer to the second question is Right Here
Okay, so a man has a dream. Not a philosophical, society-changing dream, but the standard, REM sleep type of dream. And a strange one at that. So what does he do about it? He creates Pencil Whipped, possibly the neatest looking first person shooter I've ever seen. He hand drew every aspect of this game in pencil, so it's all Black and White. I'd download the demo and play it every day... if I had a 3d accelorator.... and I'm still using a Tandy, so... yeah...


Not only is THIS an erotic story about power rangers, it also has the LONGEST disclaimer that I've ever seen at the beginning of it...
Here's a little bit more about those crazy Russian Diesel Powered Boots. Did everyone know that the Russian Military originally planned to use these bad boys againt TANKS?!? Oh those Russians.
Here's the Guide to the History of Russian Science. What the hell is that thing on the front page?


Alright... could somebody calmly, and rationaly please tell me WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT THE COMA INDEX!!!!??!??!?!?

Thank you.


Just thought I'd say hi.
Have you ever wanted to be BRAD? I wanted to be BRAD so I went to BRAD: The Game. I've never felt more BRADish, and I don't think I ever will. BRAD, BRAD, BRAD, BRAD, BRAD....BRAD


"Dictionaraoke.org delivers the most exciting dictionary music on the web, EVER!"


Isn't This the kind of thing that Evil Empires do in science fiction movies? This is an actual patent people. The end times are here.


Lets's see...Do we have everything we need for a rocking party? Yes.
Google has anImage Search for those of you who don't know. It works really well. Here's a sample search, looking for Priapus; Greek God of the Huge Uncut Cock. Yeah.
How close is Canada to legalizing marijuana? Oh, THIS CLOSE? Well then, I'm having a party in 3-5 years... everyone's invited.
What the hell? How could pills for your liver doTHIS... I hope I never get a liver condition.