The Council of Elrond as told by Kevin Smith.


If you've ever said aloud "I know that Moe's is next to King Toots, but where is it in relation to The Spruce Caboose? And where does the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center fit in to the whole picture? Well, Now You Know.


Welcome to the California Tree Company, The Tackiest Place On Earth!


Newbornstranger, translated into Spanish, and then back into English...
Google just keeps on getting more, and more useful... First, it was the Image search, then the Usenet archive. Now, the Google Catalog Search allows you to search through thousands of print catalogs...
If anyone is talking to Aiden, make sure you tell him that I reccomend THIS site... It seems like the kind of thing he'd find very useful.


Okay, I have a question for all of you; What happens when you mix
Christianity with Hello Kitty? Well, you get THIS, apparantly...


Sexiest Geek Alive Home Page... yeah, I'd say that about sums it up...


Trevor's Vote For Game Of The Year
Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol (CPIP) has finally been proven to be a working network option, although a slow one...