Dear Santa: I know it's a little late, but for christmas this year I'd really like...
Take a polariod picture. Take a polaroid picture of that polaroid picture. Take a polaroid picture of that polariod picture of a polaroid picture. 143 times, and counting.
BallDroppings is a simple, fun, musical, digital, crack-substitute.


Q:How many Japanese people love Apple computers?

A: This Many


The world's fastest computer has finally
done something interesting


Weird Al's first music video: Just him, and his accordion, singing "My Bologna".


Yarrrgh me mateys. T'will soon be time to be celebrating my favorite holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day
A tour of Hitler's Mountain Home
My computer is dead, but that won't stop me from blogging. Here's a link to the hottest new cellphone gadget


I've been listening to this for about half an hour now. All I can say is:Badgers.


A very interesting article about people who know Walt Disney Land like the back of their hands, because they've gone there nearly every day for years and years and years.


Want some cake?


MIT has put the core material for many of it's classses online, for free. They call itOpenCourseWare, and if the internet keeps going in this direction, I'm gonna be a happy man.


My camera is fixed (thanks dad), and that means my Fotolog is updated


The Day The Music Died... Don't worry. He'll live on in his music.


Macbeth, as told -and illustrated -by kids in a grade 2 class.
I learned about pirates.
Yellow bellied land lubbers.


These cats sure know how to rock. (thanks mystery Fleming)


"Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station."


the Random Personal Picture Finder (tm) is what the interweb is all about. Search for a random picture from a random person's digital camera, that they probably don't know you will find. Oh the excitment.


3d Images... without the glasses. Some of them have nudity, but don't worry: It's Artistic Nudity. Artistic 3D Nudity.


Does anyone else find it funny that Taco Bell has a contest that gives you Gas?


How well can an octopus camoflauge itself? Good question. This Well.


I know drugs give you the munchies, but this is rediculous.


I've decided to move out, because where I live now isn't visable enough from space.


"Which is better, eternal happiness or a ham sandwich? It would appear that eternal happiness is better, but this is really not so! After all, nothing is better than eternal happiness, and a ham sandwich is certainly better than nothing. Therefore a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness."

Some more terrific paradoxes for your enjoyment.
Helvetica vs. Arial, in a final showdown. Two typefaces enter the arina... only one font may leave.


Best. Weebl and Bob. Ever.
I like to move it, move it. Do you like to move it, move it? This Guy sure likes to move it move it.


What is it that distinguishes humans from all the other animals? Well, we're the only ones that make tools, of course.


The Thong Song never sounded so good.


Look at you. You call that "fashion"?? What you need, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, is a freakin' Heavy Metal Makeover.



At what age can my child get a tattoo?

Legally, anyone can get body art as long as their parent or guardian signs a consent form. However, Baby Ink will not work on anyone under 6 months of age, as their sensitive skin does not react well to the ink.


SILENCE! is yet another musical based off a movie. Just like The Lion King, Titantic, Beauty And The Beast, and Little Shop Of Horrors. The difference, this time, is the movie it's based on


Stompin' Tom Connors... In Lego Form!!! (I love that phrase: "In Lego Form". Add it to any noun, and I'm a happy guy.)


Thisis a great article to read If you've ever been stuck trying to describe Magic: The Gathering to someone, or if you have no clue what I'm talking about.

Warning: may be geekier than expected.
The Google Toolbar just released version 2.0, and I tell ya - it's a lot more useful. It's now a pop-up blocker, a form auto-filler, and it has a little button that let's you post a entry to your blog, thanks to Google's recent purchase of Pyra Labs, creaters of Blogger.


Imagine if you could take a large chunk of your brain's processing power, and devote it to just one task. Well, Allan Snyder and the Medtronic Mag Pro, might allow you to do just that.


Sure, it's just an ad for a book... but it's a damn entertaining ad.


So very rarely is a flash video so cohesive, yet so strange.


Rediculously Small Artwork from russian artist Nikolai Syadristy.


BREAKING NEWS: The world's entire suply of chrome has been stolen by these truckers.


Yeah, I like to think of myself as an individual, just like all my friends.


Feel free to wander through Kevin Cornell's Sketchbook, because he put it all online for our viewing (and clicking) pleasure.


I just hope that this movie will finally get Avril the respect she so rightly deserves. </sarcasm>


I've finally found a comic funny and crude enough to replace The Parking Lot Is Full, and it's name is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


"Jonah did not know it was unusual for a ten-year-old boy to have an eight-inch penis." Rolling Stone Magazine uncovers the touching story of one man, and his arm-sized penis. (not for the faint of heart)


What's better than an average-sized colon? Well, obviously, it's a Colossal Colon
I just started a photolog of my very own. I take my little digital camera with me wherever I go, and I'm gonna post the upper 1% of the pictures I take. I hope you find it interesting.
The view from the top: a panoramic view from the peak of Mount Everest. (quicktime required)


Look at this! Yahoo News obviously fell for a prank press release.

Look at this! What bounds will science break next??

(note: I posted this twice, so that I can seem smarter in retrospect, when the truth about this article comes out)
Is your computer getting you down? Maybe you need some new peripherals.
Dear Ahmet Zappa is an archive of one obsessed fan's letters to Frank Zappa's son Ahmet.


Are You John Stamos? I know I'm not... but maybe you are. Are you?
www.HowToPickUpGirlsAtFunerals.com doesn't quite deliver what it's URL promises, but it's got "How To"s about almost anything else.


The IBM Songbook, from 1931, is a list of popular songs, rewritten to the singular subject of IBM, and IBM salesmen. There's some creepy stuff in here, folks.


Steve, John, Chris, Randy and Larry sure know how to "dress to impress"


First thing on my to-do list, for when I'm a home-owner, many years down the road: Grow Your Own Couch


Now this is what the internet is all about: a 24-hour Karaoke Cam!


Rule One: don't leave a tape of you practicing your star wars moves in the camera where anyone could find it, and put it online.

Rule Two: if someone ignores rule one, feel free to do whatever you want to the tape, and put it online. (ViaWaxy.org)


It's kinda funny, but Jean Cretien kinda looks stoned in this picture... just kinda.


Speaking of spam, look at all the great stuff you can buy at the SPAM Gift Center!
Happy 25th Birthday, Spam. And not the good kind of spam, either.


SARS IN GUELPH: let the fearmongering begin.


Dear Santa: I know it's a little early this year, but I figured you'd probably need some time to get my present ready this year.
18 days until Free Comic Book Day!
Hardcore MRI Porn! (scroll down)


Now, there isn't much in the way of gay porn that I'd like to watch, but there are definately a few exceptions (don't worry... it's not a porn link)
If only there was some way to look at every picture an astronaught has ever taken, since 1961, online. If only.


Space Tea! (and if you look lower on the page, there are links to Space Honey!, Space Peanutbutter!, and Space Cleanup!)


Kisses - the sexy urinal... because, you know... one thing urinals need is More Sexy.
Instructions for use: In times of emergency do not panic, take your neckwear and look for a safe escape path.
There are, surprisingly, only 5 basic rules to Inflatable Sumo
Please excuse me, while I breifly flash-back to OAC Writer's Craft, and turn my blog into one last Shrine-o To Greg Rhino



Time Magazine just celebrated it's 80th birthday, and to celebrate, it put up a list of the 80 most influencial days of the past 80 years. It's amazing, the perspective it give you to read this stuff...


Yes! Want to download some episodes of your Favorite Late 80's cartoons? Look no further than MiGhtY BeaTniK's Pookey Toons (god, some sites have goofy names.)


The ultimate way to make it big on the stock market: Time Travel!
Oh good. A fan-page for the Coalition Of Willing Countries! Yippie Skippy!


For all your pepper spray needs. (sorry... I just really liked the gif)


More delicious recipies from the 1970s. What an golden-era for food that was.
Weight Watchers has always been the source for easy, healthy, and -most importantly - Delicious recipies, ever since the olden days of 1974.
A sample conversation:

Jim: "Hey Jarred, I'm sure bored.
Jarred: "Yeah Jim... I'm bored too. What do you want to do?
Jim: "Jee Jarred, I don't know. I kinda want to look at porn, but we don't have any!
Jarred: Hmm... all I can find is this bag of green Army Men...
Welcome to the wide-world of HOME DENTAL SURGERY!!!!


America is sending Optimus Prime to Iraq??? What ever happened to a fair fight?


Cobra-la ain't nuthin' ta fuck with, yo. Representin' from the old school, the O.G. Hard-ass GI Joe-hatin' mothafockas, COBRA, aka. the GI Joe Killaz. Destro, The Baroness, and, of course, Cobra Commander, sounding off to mad beats.


Remember the Guns And Roses Riot in Vancouver a while back? Ever wonder what kind of person starts a riot because GNR didn't show up? Well, thank the Vancouver Police for putting up THIS webpage.
For all your celebrity impersonator and look alike needs. Check out a few of my favorites.
Easiest web-game ever. All you have to do is OBEY THE CRAB
Talk about High Profile Grafitti!
The Space Hijackers are a buncha brits who belive that public space should be yours to play with. And play they do.


The Circle Line Party II is the second-ever party, held solely on a train of the London Underground. Looks like my kind of good time.


Welcome to Music City Premier... the home of crappy music, everywhere. Make sure you check out all the videos.
Megan Moore is the hottest singer out of Nashville. Don't miss her rendition of Come On Over


The Gashlycrumb Tinies - online, for your enjoyment. God Bless Edward Gorey!



This useless peice of shite is brought to you by ICQ.

I mean, really... what's the point?


Chasing Pigeons with a remote control car. Fully documented on a digital camera.
/we are finally one step closer to making Face/Off a reality.


A phoenix rises from it's ashes stronger, younger, and more beautiful. Napster rises from it's ashes cold, smelly, and crippled. But at least they're back, right.



The FVZA: another victim of government cutbacks.
Lion Dancing Freakin RAWKS


The Republic of Cascadia is what happens when British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington State meld together, and declare independance. Or at least, it is in this guy's dreams. Why is it that fake countries always, Always have such ugly flags?


Meet Benny, the teddy bear with a heart. And a Rectum.


Becoming Human is an amazing mulitimedia, online, flash documentary, about the origins of human life, and it looks like it's produced by Donald C. Johanson, the guy who discovered Lucy.


Jumbo Shrimp: No longer an oxymoron.


Garbage Pail Kids! All your favorites... from Horatio Hornblower and Punk Rocky, all the way to Flabby Abby and Alec Gator. And, of course, Sunken Trevor (scope out the bottom of my blog. The very, very bottom. Oooh yeah)


Know what I love most about the internet? Free pictures of Tits!... Ornithologically speaking, of course.
I'm not sure exactly what this is... But I know three things for sure.

1) Its Lego.
2) Its Japanese.
3) It has Akira's Bike on it.


May I be the first to welcome our new Google overlords! Google just bought Pyra, the company that's behind Blogger, the service I use to bring y'all this very blog. I can't wait to see what Google does to the place.


Okay, let's look at my shopping list. Hmmm... Bateries and Viking helmets. Dammit. I'll never be able to pick both these things up at the same store!


More Valentine's Cheer! Hip hip... Hooray!
More Valentine's Cheer! Hip hip... Hooray!
Wow... the Internet is just rife with Valentine's cheer
More cutesy-wutetsy Valentine's Reading, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Newbornstranger.
Valentine's Day is usually very, very good for couples, and (at very least) kinda a downer for single folks. So, for Balance:

Happy Valentine's Day to my single friends! And to my friends who are currently dating someone, Happy Valentine's Day!
I gave up on level 22. Here's hoping you do better.



So, why is Bush going to war with Iraq? Simple. It's not like we can power our cars on thin air, or anything...
Jesus, guys... you've gotta stop chewing on your pencils... I mean, you're getting too good at it... waaaay too good.
You really have to wonder what life is like if your name is Blanket Jackson.
You really have to wonder what life is like if your name is Blanket Jackson.


Nothing gives an actor more cred than designing and maintaining their own website. Just like, oh, I don't know... Dustin Diamond!


Dig out your old red and blue 3D glasses (mine just so happen to have the Hulk on them), and check out this amazing gallery of state-of-the-art (I'm assuming) 3D Anaglyphs.
We all know that a duck goes Quack. But in South Korea, ducks go "Dak Dak". And in Hungary, they go "Ham ham Paw paw".
Different ducks? Nope. Different kids making the noises.
Monkeys in funny outfits are always worth blogging.


If you're anything like me, you've wondered which celerities have been spanked, and which haven't. God bless the internet, and God bless the Celebrity Spanking archives.


the oddmusic.com Musical Instruments Gallery has images and sound samples of many... shall we say... interesting musical instruments. Like the Beer Bottle Organ or the Double Violin.



Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, shows how easy it is to apply George Dubya Bush's methods to help out in your very own neighbourhood.


This is a great page about He Man and She Ra, that shows a lot of insider information about the show, like re-used animation, and hidden easter eggs.
Remember Guys: Valentine's Day Is Coming Up.
"To look at them, you'd think them two well-educated, well-read, well-spoken, audacious young men. They are. They are also two young men who've rejected a conventional way of life in order to tape absurd, impromptu conversations with the innocent passer-by on a hidden tape recorder. Or, to put it another way (their way), 'We're just Renaissance Men who like to bug people.'"

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:Coyle & Sharpe
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency is an absolutely wonderful place on the internet. For starters, try the lists, and see where they take you.


Sure, you can buy a bootleg DVD of the Two Towers right now, off the black market. That is, if you don't mind the engrish subtitles.


Dude, the Brothers Chaps (geniuses behind Homestarrunner.com) only have one other site: the official Mellow Mushroom homepage. Enjoy.


Yet another way in which penises are better than cable modems
The world's First Crossword Puzzle is now available online! Wow! Super-fun! W00t! W00t! Rawk! Yeah!










Monday is everyone's favorite holiday: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!! Celebrate with FREE BUBBLE WRAP!
Uh oh... The US has UN support for their war on Iraq... wait, that's not the UN... that's Nickelback and Godsmack... I always get them confused with the United Nations, for some reason.
We like the moon. 'Cause it is close to us.


So, you have an Inkjet Printer. You can print out your homework, a greeting card, glow in the dark stickers, T-shirts, and temporary tattoos.

But that's old news. The really cool kids use their inkjets to print out circuits, and maybe a little bit of Living Tissue
What's better than a dinosaur with two wings? Why, a Dinosaur with FOUR wings, of course!
Indgredient X has a whole slew of great little short movies.
Not quite what I'd call animation...
Just naration, and a drawing being completed before your very eyes.

Mature subject matter, so viewer disgression is advised.


Rescue Rangers - Of Mice and Mayhem. This is what happens when fan-fic is left to grow unchecked.


Version: 3.1
O d++(---) s+:- a20 C++ U--@ P L E? W++ N+ o K++ w O !M
V? PS+ PE- Y+ PGP- t(+) 5 X R+ tv(-) b++ DI D+ G e* h! r y

Figure out your Geek Code, because... well, look how straightforward that is!


It's the -:* Sedlec Ossuary, also known as The Bone Church
Wow... Just in time to miss Christmas, it's The Trevor Dunseith Super-Store... new and improved. Now with three different types of underwear!


Soap Lake, a once bustling town in washington state is in dire need of tourists. What's a city to do? Build a GIANT FREAKING LAVA LAMP, that's what.
Barbie and Ken, two american icons, for sure. What better way to show your love for them than hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery?
See that green GeoURL button up there? Click it, to see the closest regestered GeoURL sites to me.


Ever wonder where a megaband like REM get there song ideas? Ever think that maybe everyone's favorite Nintendo Game might be their muse?


I can't believe I haven't blogged this yet. At Otis Fodder is posting a new unusual mp3 every day, for all of 2003. That's 365 days of whacko musicians, and spoken word.


I know I've asked you before, but I switched my picture around.
So, what I want to know is, Am I Hot, Or Am I Not?

(strange aside: as of this posting, I've gotten votes ranging from 1 to 10. But I've yet to get a single 8. What's the matter? Am I not 8 enough for you people? Huh?)


Human Hampster Balls for me and for you. Because: "why should hampsters have all the damn fun?"
Well, CN Tower, you had a good run. But say goodbye to your record. Damn ausies.
Over at SuperNewborn MonkeyStranger: my new bootleg!

Or you can pick it up direct from my Angelcrapfire Crappy Website Of Crap

Warning: this one uses four words from the Talking Dictionary. Thats all the warning you're gonna get.
Geroge Washington: "I cannot tell a lie"
George W. Bush: "Five terrorists Entered The United States Via Canada"


Scott Blake creates portraits of famous people, using Bar Codes somehow associated with them.



When's the last time you hated a truck? No no... I mean Really hated... really REally.


Happy New Years (Warning: Gigantic Quicktime VR)