If you're looking for pretty pictures, Don't Look Here.
And here I thought Giant Squid were rare...
How to make your own Portable Nintendo. No, not a gameboy. A Portable Nintendo.


Trevor's Favorite Baseball Team: Buy me a shirt, and I'll love you forever.
Lysol, because "fastidious women know that no bath, no deodorant, no perfume can make up for a certain kind of carelessness"


Time to finally find out: Is my Blog HOT or NOT?
I've always known that Wesley Willis was an artist... but A Visual Artist? Who'd've guessed?
This is... umm... pretty neat, actually. A man posts on a message board As he has an epileptic fit... He's very well-written, and it's definately a through-the-looking-glass experience.


A hot new game has it the streets. And that game's name is Eat Poop You Cat (you heard me)
I thought that keyboard/keyboard that I posted a while ago was the forefront of geek rock... I Was Wrong
Welcome To The Captain Planet Store!
Why do I love these case mods so much? This one's pretty good: The Caffeine Machine


Mmmmm.... BIOS modding... yum.
Maybe This Guy and This Guy should get together and go bowilng sometime.


It's a good thing all those Killer Asteroid movies came out in the late 90's... Because now, we'll be glad we had the practice.
Jobs Trevor Wants, Part One: Dead Koala Painter
Look up there! Under the archives, but above the fast-tracker logo! It's a link to that dead discussion board that I posted here a while ago.
If you ever want to say something, say it there.
I'll read it... maybe.
And if there's anyone else reading this piss-poor excuse for a blog, they might read it too.
The View From The Top of Mt. Everest (huge jpg, watch out)
What do a computer, a ukelele, lego and Bob Marley have in common? They all come together to create the perfect Reggae Robot

WARNING: Strange Fetish
WARNING: Photoshop

Now that all that's out of the way, I bring unto you, Multiple Breast Galleries


Mmmm....ACTION COMICS NO. 1, online. A piece of history, fo' sho'


This Public Service Announcement, Brought to you by Beta.Com
Mmmm... Britney Spears...I'd love to get a piece of her!
I'm not sure whether these guys make tiny gears, or breed giant bugs... but either way, I'm impressed.
Ummm... is this the logical progression of geek rock? Be sure to check out the videos on the side.
Plug in your favorite URL here and listen to the beautiful music it makes.


Ooooh.... the official Hormel Foods take on the uses of the wordSPAM



Hillside Festival Schedule has been released. Looks like candy coated brilliance. Look: Noah 23's sharing a stage with Bullfrog! And the Constantines are playing with By Divine Right!


Ronco, Ronco, RONCO!!!!
I don't remember if I've blogged this before... but if I haven't, shame on me. And if I have, here it is again, for your viewing pleasure: PIPS:lab


Atari Adventure playable online.

The Future of the Past is Now!


Weezer's string of great videos continues with their new single Keep Fishin'...

It's just a shame their songs can't keep the same quality...


Go ahead. Poke the Bunny... You know you want to.
Just go ahead. Poke the Penguin... you know you want to.


Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love In All Our Son's Command... wow. Congratulations Vancouver.


"Test-firing your donk", "Waxing the lizard", "Honing the purple-headed stormtrooper" and 149997 more at The Random Masturbation Synonym Generator
This story starts out with a spectacular demonstration of typical Weekly World News style. You say something crazy, then you add either a dash, a colon, a semi-colon, or three dots (...) and you say something that makes it crazier.