The ultimate way to make it big on the stock market: Time Travel!
Oh good. A fan-page for the Coalition Of Willing Countries! Yippie Skippy!


For all your pepper spray needs. (sorry... I just really liked the gif)


More delicious recipies from the 1970s. What an golden-era for food that was.
Weight Watchers has always been the source for easy, healthy, and -most importantly - Delicious recipies, ever since the olden days of 1974.
A sample conversation:

Jim: "Hey Jarred, I'm sure bored.
Jarred: "Yeah Jim... I'm bored too. What do you want to do?
Jim: "Jee Jarred, I don't know. I kinda want to look at porn, but we don't have any!
Jarred: Hmm... all I can find is this bag of green Army Men...
Welcome to the wide-world of HOME DENTAL SURGERY!!!!


America is sending Optimus Prime to Iraq??? What ever happened to a fair fight?


Cobra-la ain't nuthin' ta fuck with, yo. Representin' from the old school, the O.G. Hard-ass GI Joe-hatin' mothafockas, COBRA, aka. the GI Joe Killaz. Destro, The Baroness, and, of course, Cobra Commander, sounding off to mad beats.


Remember the Guns And Roses Riot in Vancouver a while back? Ever wonder what kind of person starts a riot because GNR didn't show up? Well, thank the Vancouver Police for putting up THIS webpage.
For all your celebrity impersonator and look alike needs. Check out a few of my favorites.
Easiest web-game ever. All you have to do is OBEY THE CRAB
Talk about High Profile Grafitti!
The Space Hijackers are a buncha brits who belive that public space should be yours to play with. And play they do.


The Circle Line Party II is the second-ever party, held solely on a train of the London Underground. Looks like my kind of good time.


Welcome to Music City Premier... the home of crappy music, everywhere. Make sure you check out all the videos.
Megan Moore is the hottest singer out of Nashville. Don't miss her rendition of Come On Over


The Gashlycrumb Tinies - online, for your enjoyment. God Bless Edward Gorey!



This useless peice of shite is brought to you by ICQ.

I mean, really... what's the point?