Chasing Pigeons with a remote control car. Fully documented on a digital camera.
/we are finally one step closer to making Face/Off a reality.


A phoenix rises from it's ashes stronger, younger, and more beautiful. Napster rises from it's ashes cold, smelly, and crippled. But at least they're back, right.



The FVZA: another victim of government cutbacks.
Lion Dancing Freakin RAWKS


The Republic of Cascadia is what happens when British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington State meld together, and declare independance. Or at least, it is in this guy's dreams. Why is it that fake countries always, Always have such ugly flags?


Meet Benny, the teddy bear with a heart. And a Rectum.


Becoming Human is an amazing mulitimedia, online, flash documentary, about the origins of human life, and it looks like it's produced by Donald C. Johanson, the guy who discovered Lucy.


Jumbo Shrimp: No longer an oxymoron.


Garbage Pail Kids! All your favorites... from Horatio Hornblower and Punk Rocky, all the way to Flabby Abby and Alec Gator. And, of course, Sunken Trevor (scope out the bottom of my blog. The very, very bottom. Oooh yeah)


Know what I love most about the internet? Free pictures of Tits!... Ornithologically speaking, of course.
I'm not sure exactly what this is... But I know three things for sure.

1) Its Lego.
2) Its Japanese.
3) It has Akira's Bike on it.


May I be the first to welcome our new Google overlords! Google just bought Pyra, the company that's behind Blogger, the service I use to bring y'all this very blog. I can't wait to see what Google does to the place.


Okay, let's look at my shopping list. Hmmm... Bateries and Viking helmets. Dammit. I'll never be able to pick both these things up at the same store!


More Valentine's Cheer! Hip hip... Hooray!
More Valentine's Cheer! Hip hip... Hooray!
Wow... the Internet is just rife with Valentine's cheer
More cutesy-wutetsy Valentine's Reading, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Newbornstranger.
Valentine's Day is usually very, very good for couples, and (at very least) kinda a downer for single folks. So, for Balance:

Happy Valentine's Day to my single friends! And to my friends who are currently dating someone, Happy Valentine's Day!
I gave up on level 22. Here's hoping you do better.



So, why is Bush going to war with Iraq? Simple. It's not like we can power our cars on thin air, or anything...
Jesus, guys... you've gotta stop chewing on your pencils... I mean, you're getting too good at it... waaaay too good.
You really have to wonder what life is like if your name is Blanket Jackson.
You really have to wonder what life is like if your name is Blanket Jackson.


Nothing gives an actor more cred than designing and maintaining their own website. Just like, oh, I don't know... Dustin Diamond!


Dig out your old red and blue 3D glasses (mine just so happen to have the Hulk on them), and check out this amazing gallery of state-of-the-art (I'm assuming) 3D Anaglyphs.
We all know that a duck goes Quack. But in South Korea, ducks go "Dak Dak". And in Hungary, they go "Ham ham Paw paw".
Different ducks? Nope. Different kids making the noises.
Monkeys in funny outfits are always worth blogging.


If you're anything like me, you've wondered which celerities have been spanked, and which haven't. God bless the internet, and God bless the Celebrity Spanking archives.


the oddmusic.com Musical Instruments Gallery has images and sound samples of many... shall we say... interesting musical instruments. Like the Beer Bottle Organ or the Double Violin.



Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, shows how easy it is to apply George Dubya Bush's methods to help out in your very own neighbourhood.


This is a great page about He Man and She Ra, that shows a lot of insider information about the show, like re-used animation, and hidden easter eggs.
Remember Guys: Valentine's Day Is Coming Up.
"To look at them, you'd think them two well-educated, well-read, well-spoken, audacious young men. They are. They are also two young men who've rejected a conventional way of life in order to tape absurd, impromptu conversations with the innocent passer-by on a hidden tape recorder. Or, to put it another way (their way), 'We're just Renaissance Men who like to bug people.'"

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:Coyle & Sharpe
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency is an absolutely wonderful place on the internet. For starters, try the lists, and see where they take you.