Wow... web art that is designed to be viewed over dial-up... Sorry all you cable modem people...WIIL-N-TESTAMENT by olia lialina isn't for you.


"it's fun to stay at the..." L - E - G - O
I Like This Page... I don't know why, but I do.
HDOS Enterprises, An Employee Owned Company... and what does HDOS stand for? Hot Dog On a Stick! Make sure you play the game.
The Birdbath... I haven't figured this out yet...
If you've never taken drugs, but you want to know what Marijuana feels like, you might want to go to This Site. It's pretty close.
Gadgets for God, a place to find all of the Christ related merchandice you'll ever need.


So This is what happens if you mix Artistic Intent, Germany, A gameboy Camera, and Too much time.... Interesting...
Go Here and vote for Wil Wheaton as entertainer of the year. Wil is, of course, the wonderful actor who portrayed Wesley Crusher on Star Trek; The Next Generation. The best part? He's winning.


My soul has been saved, all thanks toDoing It For The Lord, Doing Online.
No wonder yogic flying originated in India - Gravity is 1% lower there.
Assembler.Org is an average website... until you realise that the only program used in it's creation was a simple text editor. Then it becomes amazing.
IBM DOS version 1.10 anyone? The Endangered Software Archive has a bunch of old software (and I mean old), such as Dos version 1.1, and windows version 1.01. It's worth a look... I guess.
December 9, 1968 was a great day for computers. It was the day of the first public display of hypertext, computer networking, and the mouse. And this site has video of the whole shebang.


Douglas Adams' Final 'Hitch Hiker's Guide' Found on his computer after his death, and it'll be published sometime next year. A sixth book in the four book trillogy? I can't wait.
CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE is my absolute, all-time favorite peice of anti-drug propaganda. It's even better than Reefer Madness. Watch it, if you get the chance; I think it's a free rental at Blockbuster.
The Voice Actor Page is a fun thing to play around with. For example, did you know that Johnathan Freeman was the voice of both Jafar, from Aladin, and Tito Swing, from Shining Time Station.
Do you think it's possible to become a zombie without knowing? Because, lately, I've been noticing a craving for...Brains and Brain-Related Products


The University of Toronto has a huge porn collection. Really huge.
I haven't even looked over the site yet, but I'm blogging this based soley on the merit of it's title. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The Power Goth Girls


Bruce Lee's new movie... wait an minute... That's right. Bruce Lee (or at least his image) will be staring in a new movie, thanks to the wonders of computers. There's some clips at the bottom of the page.


Beef Porn, Beef Porn. The file extention is .hum, so just open it in note pad.
ASCII Star Wars... I know you've probably seen this before, but what the hell, here it is again.


I'm already writing a theme song for this web page. Here's what I have so far.

Da da da da
Da-da da da da da
Da da-da
Da da-a
It'sAlkulukuja Paskova Karhu the Prime Number Shi-ting Bear