Happy Halloween!!!
From Slash, and the rest of Guns And Roses


Holy Case Mods Batman!!!My 1.2 GHZ PIII Commodore SX-64
Graaaagh! Zombie... must... eat... BRAINS!
The Anguish Languish is easy enough to learn, if you just sound it out.


The History Of An American Icon is about the bestest icon of them all: The Pimp.
Soda, or Pop? Pee-can, or peh-cahn? Crawfish, Crayfish, or Craw-dad? Find out what America thinks at the Harvord Dialect Survey
Just in case you were wondering, with the help of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, we have found our word.
From now on, someone who is dating your mother, but isn't your step-father is your Demi-Dad.
The wonders of modern technology.



Even though The Parking Lot Is Full is dead, they've just added some vintage stuff from 1993 to their Archives.
Yo yo yo, Nerdcore Hiphop represent'in. Check out these fly tracks from the world's 579th greatest rapper, MC Frontalot.


There's NOTHING better than a Rodeo...


Except for a MONKEY RODEO!!!!
I'm looking for a word.
The word has to mean "Someone who lives with your mother, but isn't married to her"
So, and almost-stepdad.

If anyone has any ideas, just post 'em in my message board - please.


Scanners are wonderful devices. They can bring old school pictures to the modern digital world. And now, they do the same for candy.
Powedered Urine, for all your instant-pee needs.
I made another bootleg... albeit, a kinda obscure one.Whenever, Mr. Bullit is made out of that Shakira song, as well as the theme song, and some clips from the 1968 police movie Bullit, which I highly recommend.


The ElectriClerk takes case modding to bold new levels.


Want a fun way to deal with telemarketers? Well, you could try to fight them with their own techniques, with the anti-telemarketing EGBG counterscript... or you can just use them to play the Telemarketer Game... or This (slightly more complex) Telemarketer Game
The Macarena is back! And this time it's about...Ketchup?
God, I wish that even one percent of the Crazy Stories reported online were true. Just one percent.


This PAGE web translates each English text in another five languages and of the other part in English and has for the result the Kauderwelsch therefore.


What more can I say... I was destined for the job. (thanks Claire)
William James Sidis had an estimated IQ of 250-300. Go ahead. Guess what his hobby was.


Here it is, the amazing song (which is also fantastic) recorded, produced, and performed by Jonathan Oksman: Wherever You Will Go, Damnit, a melding to Blink 182 and the Calling.


If an action movie was made about the life of a philosopher, who would you imagine Arnold Schwartzenegger playing?
I must give kudos to Jon on his newest creation: "Wherever you may go, Dammit"
You have to download it, if you know where to find it.


You might like this. But even if you don't, I need to remember this link: Rattigan's Song from The Great Mouse Detective
The Prairie Plant Company is a respected biopharmaceutical research company. Oh yeah, they're also Jean Chretien's Drug Dealer.
Oolong is a rabbit with things on his head. Not only that, he's a rabbit with things on his head that you want to look at. You know it's true.
The Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership association have an interesting website. Check out the Bill of Rights Commemorative Pistol, the upsidedown american flag, and This really well produced flash video that essencially blames the Holocaust on german gun control.
An Analysis of Rock Music by L. Ron Hubbard. That's right. THE L. Ron Hubbard, of Scientology fame.


More Muppets Heroics! Puppeteers will save the world.
Check out this totally radically awesomely funny sketch-comedy troupe, The Vestibules.
"Bulbous Bouffant" and "Beethoven Backing Up His Truck" are both fantastic. Hell, they even mention my favorite conceptual artist, Christo!


Oh, sure, it's fun as it is... but then you figure out that you can drag parts of it around!


Strindberg and Helium is... well... it just is.
Just watch 'em.
It's time, once again for The Really Horrible Wax Museum Guessing Game!
Okay, I promise this is the last time I post a Singing Cat Animation, as long as you promise to stop by Rathergood.com every once in a while.


No link. Just a waving cat.
Enjoy it. Love it.
Worship it.
Bow down to your new overlord.
First it was AIDS, and now it's Peace in Northern Ireland.

Just goes to show, change can happen for the better, if you just go to the right people for help.


Yarrgh! Multimedia piracy is finally coming closer to actual piracy. Avast, me mateys!


Modern Living is amazing. I just spent half an hour there. I suggest you do the same.


Wanna see some 1950's Pin-up Girls, losing their panties, and holding bags containg celery?

Of course you do.