Is Japanese poetery more, or less poetic after it has been crudely translated to English by Altavista?

After taking off o'clock of 12, until
it arrives at o'clock of 16, below in the afternoon of 12 hour summer
continuing meanderingly, when it looks and it is packed, as for the
place where you think the Siberian forest it is the river lake which
meanders, that you know it is the shadow of the cloud, being
understood the Siberian forest where the between of always it probably
will be entwined passes will the scenery of the river which meanders
probably enter looking at the map which does not change where the
person who the in that you do not know whether it is flying is to look
at this airplane? Increasing the gaze, if you look at immediate side,
the condensation trail two and three

My vote goes for "More"

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